Package Item Title Rows Cols CSV Doc
boot acme Monthly Excess Returns 60 3 CSV DOC
boot aids Delay in AIDS Reporting in England and Wales 570 6 CSV DOC
boot aircondit Failures of Air-conditioning Equipment 12 1 CSV DOC
boot aircondit7 Failures of Air-conditioning Equipment 24 1 CSV DOC
boot amis Car Speeding and Warning Signs 8437 4 CSV DOC
boot aml Remission Times for Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia 23 3 CSV DOC
boot beaver Beaver Body Temperature Data 100 4 CSV DOC
boot bigcity Population of U.S. Cities 49 2 CSV DOC
boot brambles Spatial Location of Bramble Canes 823 3 CSV DOC
boot breslow Smoking Deaths Among Doctors 10 5 CSV DOC
boot calcium Calcium Uptake Data 27 2 CSV DOC
boot cane Sugar-cane Disease Data 180 5 CSV DOC
boot capability Simulated Manufacturing Process Data 75 1 CSV DOC
boot catsM Weight Data for Domestic Cats 97 3 CSV DOC
boot cav Position of Muscle Caveolae 138 2 CSV DOC
boot cd4 CD4 Counts for HIV-Positive Patients 20 2 CSV DOC
boot cd4.nested Nested Bootstrap of cd4 data 999 2 CSV DOC
boot channing Channing House Data 462 5 CSV DOC
boot city Population of U.S. Cities 10 2 CSV DOC
boot claridge Genetic Links to Left-handedness 37 2 CSV DOC
boot cloth Number of Flaws in Cloth 32 2 CSV DOC
boot co.transfer Carbon Monoxide Transfer 7 2 CSV DOC
boot coal Dates of Coal Mining Disasters 191 1 CSV DOC
boot darwin Darwin's Plant Height Differences 15 1 CSV DOC
boot dogs Cardiac Data for Domestic Dogs 7 2 CSV DOC
boot downs.bc Incidence of Down's Syndrome in British Columbia 30 3 CSV DOC
boot ducks Behavioral and Plumage Characteristics of Hybrid Ducks 11 2 CSV DOC
boot fir Counts of Balsam-fir Seedlings 50 3 CSV DOC
boot frets Head Dimensions in Brothers 25 4 CSV DOC
boot grav Acceleration Due to Gravity 26 2 CSV DOC
boot gravity Acceleration Due to Gravity 81 2 CSV DOC
boot hirose Failure Time of PET Film 44 3 CSV DOC
boot islay Jura Quartzite Azimuths on Islay 18 1 CSV DOC
boot manaus Average Heights of the Rio Negro river at Manaus 1080 2 CSV DOC
boot melanoma Survival from Malignant Melanoma 205 7 CSV DOC
boot motor Data from a Simulated Motorcycle Accident 94 4 CSV DOC
boot neuro Neurophysiological Point Process Data 469 6 CSV DOC
boot nitrofen Toxicity of Nitrofen in Aquatic Systems 50 5 CSV DOC
boot nodal Nodal Involvement in Prostate Cancer 53 7 CSV DOC
boot nuclear Nuclear Power Station Construction Data 32 11 CSV DOC
boot paulsen Neurotransmission in Guinea Pig Brains 346 1 CSV DOC
boot poisons Animal Survival Times 48 3 CSV DOC
boot polar Pole Positions of New Caledonian Laterites 50 2 CSV DOC
boot remission Cancer Remission and Cell Activity 27 3 CSV DOC
boot salinity Water Salinity and River Discharge 28 4 CSV DOC
boot survival Survival of Rats after Radiation Doses 14 2 CSV DOC
boot tau Tau Particle Decay Modes 60 2 CSV DOC
boot tuna Tuna Sighting Data 64 1 CSV DOC
boot urine Urine Analysis Data 79 7 CSV DOC
boot wool Australian Relative Wool Prices 309 2 CSV DOC
car Adler Experimenter Expectations 97 3 CSV DOC
car AMSsurvey American Math Society Survey Data 24 5 CSV DOC
car Angell Moral Integration of American Cities 43 4 CSV DOC
car Anscombe U. S. State Public-School Expenditures 51 4 CSV DOC
car Baumann Methods of Teaching Reading Comprehension 66 6 CSV DOC
car Bfox Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation 30 6 CSV DOC
car Blackmore Exercise Histories of Eating-Disordered and Control Subjects 945 4 CSV DOC
car Burt Fraudulent Data on IQs of Twins Raised Apart 27 3 CSV DOC
car CanPop Canadian Population Data 16 2 CSV DOC
car Chile Voting Intentions in the 1988 Chilean Plebiscite 2700 8 CSV DOC
car Chirot The 1907 Romanian Peasant Rebellion 32 5 CSV DOC
car Cowles Cowles and Davis's Data on Volunteering 1421 4 CSV DOC
car Davis Self-Reports of Height and Weight 200 5 CSV DOC
car DavisThin Davis's Data on Drive for Thinness 191 7 CSV DOC
car Depredations Minnesota Wolf Depredation Data 434 5 CSV DOC
car Duncan Duncan's Occupational Prestige Data 45 4 CSV DOC
car Ericksen The 1980 U.S. Census Undercount 66 9 CSV DOC
car Florida Florida County Voting 67 11 CSV DOC
car Freedman Crowding and Crime in U. S. Metropolitan Areas 110 4 CSV DOC
car Friendly Format Effects on Recall 30 2 CSV DOC
car Ginzberg Data on Depression 82 6 CSV DOC
car Greene Refugee Appeals 384 7 CSV DOC
car Guyer Anonymity and Cooperation 20 3 CSV DOC
car Hartnagel Canadian Crime-Rates Time Series 38 8 CSV DOC
car Highway1 Highway Accidents 39 12 CSV DOC
car KosteckiDillon Treatment of Migraine Headaches 4152 9 CSV DOC
car Leinhardt Data on Infant-Mortality 105 4 CSV DOC
car LoBD Cancer drug data use to provide an example of the use of the skew power distributions. 84 9 CSV DOC
car Mandel Contrived Collinear Data 8 3 CSV DOC
car Migration Canadian Interprovincial Migration Data 90 8 CSV DOC
car Moore Status, Authoritarianism, and Conformity 45 4 CSV DOC
car Mroz U.S. Women's Labor-Force Participation 753 8 CSV DOC
car OBrienKaiser O'Brien and Kaiser's Repeated-Measures Data 16 17 CSV DOC
car Ornstein Interlocking Directorates Among Major Canadian Firms 248 4 CSV DOC
car Pottery Chemical Composition of Pottery 26 6 CSV DOC
car Prestige Prestige of Canadian Occupations 102 6 CSV DOC
car Quartet Four Regression Datasets 11 6 CSV DOC
car Robey Fertility and Contraception 50 3 CSV DOC
car Sahlins Agricultural Production in Mazulu Village 20 2 CSV DOC
car Salaries Salaries for Professors 397 6 CSV DOC
car SLID Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics 7425 5 CSV DOC
car Soils Soil Compositions of Physical and Chemical Characteristics 48 14 CSV DOC
car States Education and Related Statistics for the U.S. States 51 7 CSV DOC
car Transact Transaction data 261 3 CSV DOC
car UN GDP and Infant Mortality 207 2 CSV DOC
car USPop Population of the United States 22 2 CSV DOC
car Vocab Vocabulary and Education 21638 4 CSV DOC
car WeightLoss Weight Loss Data 34 7 CSV DOC
car Womenlf Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation 263 4 CSV DOC
car Wong Post-Coma Recovery of IQ 331 7 CSV DOC
car Wool Wool data 27 4 CSV DOC
cluster agriculture European Union Agricultural Workforces 12 2 CSV DOC
cluster animals Attributes of Animals 20 6 CSV DOC
cluster chorSub Subset of C-horizon of Kola Data 61 10 CSV DOC
cluster flower Flower Characteristics 18 8 CSV DOC
cluster plantTraits Plant Species Traits Data 136 31 CSV DOC
cluster pluton Isotopic Composition Plutonium Batches 45 4 CSV DOC
cluster ruspini Ruspini Data 75 2 CSV DOC
cluster votes.repub Votes for Republican Candidate in Presidential Elections 50 31 CSV DOC
cluster xclara Bivariate Data Set with 3 Clusters 3000 2 CSV DOC
COUNT affairs affairs 601 18 CSV DOC
COUNT azcabgptca azcabgptca 1959 6 CSV DOC
COUNT azdrg112 azdrg112 1798 4 CSV DOC
COUNT azpro azpro 3589 6 CSV DOC
COUNT azprocedure azprocedure 3589 6 CSV DOC
COUNT badhealth badhealth 1127 3 CSV DOC
COUNT fasttrakg fasttrakg 15 9 CSV DOC
COUNT fishing fishing 147 7 CSV DOC
COUNT lbw lbw 189 10 CSV DOC
COUNT lbwgrp lbwgrp 6 7 CSV DOC
COUNT loomis loomis 410 11 CSV DOC
COUNT mdvis mdvis 2227 13 CSV DOC
COUNT medpar medpar 1495 10 CSV DOC
COUNT nuts nuts 52 8 CSV DOC
COUNT rwm rwm 27326 4 CSV DOC
COUNT rwm1984 rwm1984 3874 15 CSV DOC
COUNT rwm5yr rwm5yr 19609 17 CSV DOC
COUNT ships ships 40 7 CSV DOC
COUNT smoking smoking 6 4 CSV DOC
COUNT titanic titanic 1316 4 CSV DOC
COUNT titanicgrp titanicgrp 12 5 CSV DOC
DAAG ACF1 Aberrant Crypt Foci in Rat Colons 22 2 CSV DOC
DAAG ais Australian athletes data set 202 13 CSV DOC
DAAG allbacks Measurements on a Selection of Books 15 4 CSV DOC
DAAG anesthetic Anesthetic Effectiveness 30 4 CSV DOC
DAAG ant111b Averages by block of corn yields, for treatment 111 only 32 9 CSV DOC
DAAG antigua Averages by block of yields for the Antigua Corn data 288 7 CSV DOC
DAAG appletaste Tasting experiment that compared four apple varieties 60 3 CSV DOC
DAAG aulatlong Latitudes and longitudes for ten Australian cities 10 2 CSV DOC
DAAG austpop Population figures for Australian States and Territories 9 10 CSV DOC
DAAG biomass Biomass Data 153 8 CSV DOC
DAAG bomregions Australian and Related Historical Annual Climate Data, by region 109 22 CSV DOC
DAAG bomregions2011 Australian and Related Historical Annual Climate Data, by region 112 22 CSV DOC
DAAG bomregions2012 Australian and Related Historical Annual Climate Data, by region 113 22 CSV DOC
DAAG bomsoi Southern Oscillation Index Data 106 21 CSV DOC
DAAG bomsoi2001 Southern Oscillation Index Data 102 15 CSV DOC
DAAG bostonc Boston Housing Data - Corrected 517 1 CSV DOC
DAAG carprice US Car Price Data 48 9 CSV DOC
DAAG Cars93.summary A Summary of the Cars93 Data set 6 4 CSV DOC
DAAG cerealsugar Percentage of Sugar in Breakfast Cereal 100 1 CSV DOC
DAAG cfseal Cape Fur Seal Data 30 11 CSV DOC
DAAG cities Populations of Major Canadian Cities (1992-96) 25 7 CSV DOC
DAAG codling Dose-mortality data, for fumigation of codling moth with methyl bromide 99 10 CSV DOC
DAAG cottonworkers Occupation and wage profiles of British cotton workers 14 3 CSV DOC
DAAG cps1 Labour Training Evaluation Data 15992 10 CSV DOC
DAAG cps2 Labour Training Evaluation Data 2369 10 CSV DOC
DAAG cps3 Labour Training Evaluation Data 429 10 CSV DOC
DAAG cricketer Lifespans of UK 1st class cricketers born 1840-1960 5960 8 CSV DOC
DAAG cuckoohosts Comparison of cuckoo eggs with host eggs 10 12 CSV DOC
DAAG cuckoos Cuckoo Eggs Data 120 4 CSV DOC
DAAG dengue Dengue prevalence, by administrative region 2000 13 CSV DOC
DAAG dewpoint Dewpoint Data 72 3 CSV DOC
DAAG droughts Periods Between Rain Events 2042 2 CSV DOC
DAAG edcCO2 EPICA Dome C Ice Core 800KYr Carbon Dioxide Data 1096 2 CSV DOC
DAAG edcT EPICA Dome C Ice Core 800KYr Temperature Estimates 5788 5 CSV DOC
DAAG elastic1 Elastic Band Data Replicated 7 2 CSV DOC
DAAG elastic2 Elastic Band Data Replicated Again 9 2 CSV DOC
DAAG elasticband Elastic Band Data 7 2 CSV DOC
DAAG fossilfuel Fossil Fuel Data 5 2 CSV DOC
DAAG fossum Female Possum Measurements 43 14 CSV DOC
DAAG frogs Frogs Data 212 10 CSV DOC
DAAG frostedflakes Frosted Flakes data 100 2 CSV DOC
DAAG fruitohms Electrical Resistance of Kiwi Fruit 128 2 CSV DOC
DAAG gaba Effect of pentazocine on post-operative pain (average VAS scores) 9 7 CSV DOC
DAAG geophones Seismic Timing Data 56 2 CSV DOC
DAAG greatLakes Yearly averages of Great Lake heights: 1918 - 2009 92 4 CSV DOC
DAAG grog Alcohol consumption in Australia and New Zealand 18 5 CSV DOC
DAAG head.injury Minor Head Injury (Simulated) Data 3121 11 CSV DOC
DAAG headInjury Minor Head Injury (Simulated) Data 3121 11 CSV DOC
DAAG hills Scottish Hill Races Data 35 3 CSV DOC
DAAG hills2000 Scottish Hill Races Data - 2000 56 4 CSV DOC
DAAG hotspots Hawaian island chain hotspot Potassium-Argon ages 35 6 CSV DOC
DAAG hotspots2006 Hawaian island chain hotspot Argon-Argon ages 10 6 CSV DOC
DAAG houseprices Aranda House Prices 15 3 CSV DOC
DAAG humanpower1 Oxygen uptake versus mechanical power, for humans 28 3 CSV DOC
DAAG humanpower2 Oxygen uptake versus mechanical power, for humans 26 3 CSV DOC
DAAG hurricNamed Named US Atlantic Hurricanes 94 12 CSV DOC
DAAG intersalt Blood pressure versus Salt; inter-population data 52 4 CSV DOC
DAAG ironslag Iron Content Measurements 53 2 CSV DOC
DAAG jobs Canadian Labour Force Summary Data (1995-96) 24 7 CSV DOC
DAAG kiwishade Kiwi Shading Data 48 4 CSV DOC
DAAG leafshape Full Leaf Shape Data Set 286 9 CSV DOC
DAAG leafshape17 Subset of Leaf Shape Data Set 61 8 CSV DOC
DAAG leaftemp Leaf and Air Temperature Data 62 4 CSV DOC
DAAG leaftemp.all Full Leaf and Air Temperature Data Set 62 9 CSV DOC
DAAG litters Mouse Litters 20 3 CSV DOC
DAAG Lottario Ontario Lottery Data 39 2 CSV DOC
DAAG lung Cape Fur Seal Lung Measurements 30 1 CSV DOC
DAAG Manitoba.lakes The Nine Largest Lakes in Manitoba 9 2 CSV DOC
DAAG measles Deaths in London from measles 311 2 CSV DOC
DAAG medExpenses Family Medical Expenses 33 2 CSV DOC
DAAG mifem Mortality Outcomes for Females Suffering Myocardial Infarction 1295 10 CSV DOC
DAAG mignonette Darwin's Wild Mignonette Data 24 2 CSV DOC
DAAG milk Milk Sweetness Study 17 2 CSV DOC
DAAG modelcars Model Car Data 12 2 CSV DOC
DAAG monica WHO Monica Data 6367 12 CSV DOC
DAAG moths Moths Data 41 4 CSV DOC
DAAG nassCDS Airbag and other influences on accident fatalities 26217 15 CSV DOC
DAAG nasshead Documentation of names of columns in nass9702cor 56 3 CSV DOC
DAAG nihills Record times for Northern Ireland mountain running events 23 4 CSV DOC
DAAG nsw74demo Labour Training Evaluation Data 445 10 CSV DOC
DAAG nsw74psid1 Labour Training Evaluation Data 2675 10 CSV DOC
DAAG nsw74psid3 Labour Training Evaluation Data 313 10 CSV DOC
DAAG nsw74psidA A Subset of the nsw74psid1 Data Set 252 10 CSV DOC
DAAG nswdemo Labour Training Evaluation Data 722 10 CSV DOC
DAAG nswpsid1 Labour Training Evaluation Data 2787 10 CSV DOC
DAAG oddbooks Measurements on 12 books 12 4 CSV DOC
DAAG orings Challenger O-rings Data 23 4 CSV DOC
DAAG ozone Ozone Data 45 11 CSV DOC
DAAG pair65 Heated Elastic Bands 9 2 CSV DOC
DAAG possum Possum Measurements 104 14 CSV DOC
DAAG possumsites Possum Sites 7 3 CSV DOC
DAAG poxetc Deaths from various causes, in London from 1629 till 1881, with gaps 253 5 CSV DOC
DAAG primates Primate Body and Brain Weights 5 2 CSV DOC
DAAG progression Progression of Record times for track races, 1912 - 2008 227 4 CSV DOC
DAAG psid1 Labour Training Evaluation Data 2490 10 CSV DOC
DAAG psid2 Labour Training Evaluation Data 253 10 CSV DOC
DAAG psid3 Labour Training Evaluation Data 128 10 CSV DOC
DAAG races2000 Scottish Hill Races Data - 2000 77 5 CSV DOC
DAAG rainforest Rainforest Data 65 7 CSV DOC
DAAG rareplants Rare and Endangered Plant Species 4 3 CSV DOC
DAAG rice Genetically Modified and Wild Type Rice Data 72 7 CSV DOC
DAAG rockArt Pacific Rock Art features 103 641 CSV DOC
DAAG roller Lawn Roller Data 10 2 CSV DOC
DAAG science School Science Survey Data 1385 7 CSV DOC
DAAG seedrates Barley Seeding Rate Data 5 2 CSV DOC
DAAG socsupport Social Support Data 95 20 CSV DOC
DAAG softbacks Measurements on a Selection of Paperback Books 8 2 CSV DOC
DAAG sorption sorption data set 192 14 CSV DOC
DAAG SP500close Closing Numbers for S and P 500 Index 2780 1 CSV DOC
DAAG SP500W90 Closing Numbers for S and P 500 Index - First 100 Days of 1990 100 2 CSV DOC
DAAG spam7 Spam E-mail Data 4601 7 CSV DOC
DAAG stVincent Averages by block of yields for the St. Vincent Corn data 324 8 CSV DOC
DAAG sugar Sugar Data 12 2 CSV DOC
DAAG tinting Car Window Tinting Experiment Data 182 9 CSV DOC
DAAG tomato Root weights of tomato plants exposed to 4 different treatments 24 2 CSV DOC
DAAG toycars Toy Cars Data 27 3 CSV DOC
DAAG vince111b Averages by block of corn yields, for treatment 111 only 36 8 CSV DOC
DAAG vlt Video Lottery Terminal Data 345 5 CSV DOC
DAAG wages1833 Wages of Lancashire Cotton Factory Workers in 1833 51 5 CSV DOC
DAAG whoops Deaths from whooping cough, in London 142 3 CSV DOC
DAAG worldRecords Record times for track and road races, at August 9th 2006 40 5 CSV DOC
datasets ability.cov Ability and Intelligence Tests 6 8 CSV DOC
datasets airmiles Passenger Miles on Commercial US Airlines, 1937-1960 24 2 CSV DOC
datasets AirPassengers Monthly Airline Passenger Numbers 1949-1960 144 2 CSV DOC
datasets airquality New York Air Quality Measurements 153 6 CSV DOC
datasets anscombe Anscombe's Quartet of 'Identical' Simple Linear Regressions 11 8 CSV DOC
datasets attenu The Joyner-Boore Attenuation Data 182 5 CSV DOC
datasets attitude The Chatterjee-Price Attitude Data 30 7 CSV DOC
datasets austres Quarterly Time Series of the Number of Australian Residents 89 2 CSV DOC
datasets BJsales Sales Data with Leading Indicator 150 2 CSV DOC
datasets BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand 6 2 CSV DOC
datasets cars Speed and Stopping Distances of Cars 50 2 CSV DOC
datasets ChickWeight Weight versus age of chicks on different diets 578 4 CSV DOC
datasets chickwts Chicken Weights by Feed Type 71 2 CSV DOC
datasets co2 Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 Concentration 468 2 CSV DOC
datasets CO2 Carbon Dioxide Uptake in Grass Plants 84 5 CSV DOC
datasets crimtab Student's 3000 Criminals Data 924 3 CSV DOC
datasets discoveries Yearly Numbers of Important Discoveries 100 2 CSV DOC
datasets DNase Elisa assay of DNase 176 3 CSV DOC
datasets esoph Smoking, Alcohol and (O)esophageal Cancer 88 5 CSV DOC
datasets euro Conversion Rates of Euro Currencies 11 1 CSV DOC
datasets EuStockMarkets Daily Closing Prices of Major European Stock Indices, 1991-1998 1860 4 CSV DOC
datasets faithful Old Faithful Geyser Data 272 2 CSV DOC
datasets Formaldehyde Determination of Formaldehyde 6 2 CSV DOC
datasets freeny Freeny's Revenue Data 39 5 CSV DOC
datasets HairEyeColor Hair and Eye Color of Statistics Students 32 4 CSV DOC
datasets Harman23.cor Harman Example 2.3 8 10 CSV DOC
datasets Harman74.cor Harman Example 7.4 24 26 CSV DOC
datasets Indometh Pharmacokinetics of Indomethacin 66 3 CSV DOC
datasets infert Infertility after Spontaneous and Induced Abortion 248 8 CSV DOC
datasets InsectSprays Effectiveness of Insect Sprays 72 2 CSV DOC
datasets iris Edgar Anderson's Iris Data 150 5 CSV DOC
datasets iris3 Edgar Anderson's Iris Data 50 12 CSV DOC
datasets islands Areas of the World's Major Landmasses 48 1 CSV DOC
datasets JohnsonJohnson Quarterly Earnings per Johnson & Johnson Share 84 2 CSV DOC
datasets LakeHuron Level of Lake Huron 1875-1972 98 2 CSV DOC
datasets lh Luteinizing Hormone in Blood Samples 48 2 CSV DOC
datasets LifeCycleSavings Intercountry Life-Cycle Savings Data 50 5 CSV DOC
datasets Loblolly Growth of Loblolly pine trees 84 3 CSV DOC
datasets longley Longley's Economic Regression Data 16 7 CSV DOC
datasets lynx Annual Canadian Lynx trappings 1821-1934 114 2 CSV DOC
datasets morley Michelson Speed of Light Data 100 3 CSV DOC
datasets mtcars Motor Trend Car Road Tests 32 11 CSV DOC
datasets nhtemp Average Yearly Temperatures in New Haven 60 2 CSV DOC
datasets Nile Flow of the River Nile 100 2 CSV DOC
datasets nottem Average Monthly Temperatures at Nottingham, 1920-1939 240 2 CSV DOC
datasets npk Classical N, P, K Factorial Experiment 24 5 CSV DOC
datasets occupationalStatus Occupational Status of Fathers and their Sons 64 3 CSV DOC
datasets Orange Growth of Orange Trees 35 3 CSV DOC
datasets OrchardSprays Potency of Orchard Sprays 64 4 CSV DOC
datasets PlantGrowth Results from an Experiment on Plant Growth 30 2 CSV DOC
datasets precip Annual Precipitation in US Cities 70 1 CSV DOC
datasets presidents Quarterly Approval Ratings of US Presidents 120 2 CSV DOC
datasets pressure Vapor Pressure of Mercury as a Function of Temperature 19 2 CSV DOC
datasets Puromycin Reaction Velocity of an Enzymatic Reaction 23 3 CSV DOC
datasets quakes Locations of Earthquakes off Fiji 1000 5 CSV DOC
datasets randu Random Numbers from Congruential Generator RANDU 400 3 CSV DOC
datasets rivers Lengths of Major North American Rivers 141 1 CSV DOC
datasets rock Measurements on Petroleum Rock Samples 48 4 CSV DOC
datasets Seatbelts Road Casualties in Great Britain 1969-84 192 8 CSV DOC
datasets sleep Student's Sleep Data 20 3 CSV DOC
datasets stackloss Brownlee's Stack Loss Plant Data 21 4 CSV DOC
datasets sunspot.month Monthly Sunspot Data, from 1749 to "Present" 3177 2 CSV DOC
datasets sunspot.year Yearly Sunspot Data, 1700-1988 289 2 CSV DOC
datasets sunspots Monthly Sunspot Numbers, 1749-1983 2820 2 CSV DOC
datasets swiss Swiss Fertility and Socioeconomic Indicators (1888) Data 47 6 CSV DOC
datasets Theoph Pharmacokinetics of Theophylline 132 5 CSV DOC
datasets Titanic Survival of passengers on the Titanic 32 5 CSV DOC
datasets ToothGrowth The Effect of Vitamin C on Tooth Growth in Guinea Pigs 60 3 CSV DOC
datasets treering Yearly Treering Data, -6000-1979 7980 2 CSV DOC
datasets trees Girth, Height and Volume for Black Cherry Trees 31 3 CSV DOC
datasets UCBAdmissions Student Admissions at UC Berkeley 24 4 CSV DOC
datasets UKDriverDeaths Road Casualties in Great Britain 1969-84 192 2 CSV DOC
datasets UKgas UK Quarterly Gas Consumption 108 2 CSV DOC
datasets USAccDeaths Accidental Deaths in the US 1973-1978 72 2 CSV DOC
datasets USArrests Violent Crime Rates by US State 50 4 CSV DOC
datasets USJudgeRatings Lawyers' Ratings of State Judges in the US Superior Court 43 12 CSV DOC
datasets USPersonalExpenditure Personal Expenditure Data 5 5 CSV DOC
datasets uspop Populations Recorded by the US Census 19 2 CSV DOC
datasets VADeaths Death Rates in Virginia (1940) 5 4 CSV DOC
datasets volcano Topographic Information on Auckland's Maunga Whau Volcano 87 61 CSV DOC
datasets warpbreaks The Number of Breaks in Yarn during Weaving 54 3 CSV DOC
datasets women Average Heights and Weights for American Women 15 2 CSV DOC
datasets WorldPhones The World's Telephones 7 7 CSV DOC
datasets WWWusage Internet Usage per Minute 100 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat Accident Ship Accidents 40 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat Airline Cost for U.S. Airlines 90 6 CSV DOC
Ecdat Airq Air Quality for Californian Metropolitan Areas 30 6 CSV DOC
Ecdat bankingCrises Countries in Banking Crises 211 71 CSV DOC
Ecdat Benefits Unemployment of Blue Collar Workers 4877 18 CSV DOC
Ecdat Bids Bids Received By U.S. Firms 126 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat breaches Cyber Security Breaches 1055 13 CSV DOC
Ecdat BudgetFood Budget Share of Food for Spanish Households 23972 6 CSV DOC
Ecdat BudgetItaly Budget Shares for Italian Households 1729 11 CSV DOC
Ecdat BudgetUK Budget Shares of British Households 1519 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat Bwages Wages in Belgium 1472 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Capm Stock Market Data 516 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat Car Stated Preferences for Car Choice 4654 70 CSV DOC
Ecdat Caschool The California Test Score Data Set 420 17 CSV DOC
Ecdat Catsup Choice of Brand for Catsup 2798 14 CSV DOC
Ecdat Cigar Cigarette Consumption 1380 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat Cigarette The Cigarette Consumption Panel Data Set 528 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat Clothing Sales Data of Men's Fashion Stores 400 13 CSV DOC
Ecdat Computers Prices of Personal Computers 6259 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat Consumption Quarterly Data on Consumption and Expenditure 200 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat CPSch3 Earnings from the Current Population Survey 11130 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat Cracker Choice of Brand for Crakers 3292 14 CSV DOC
Ecdat CRANpackages Growth of CRAN 29 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Crime Crime in North Carolina 630 24 CSV DOC
Ecdat CRSPday Daily Returns from the CRSP Database 2528 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat CRSPmon Monthly Returns from the CRSP Database 360 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Diamond Pricing the C's of Diamond Stones 308 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat DM DM Dollar Exchange Rate 778 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Doctor Number of Doctor Visits 485 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat DoctorAUS Doctor Visits in Australia 5190 15 CSV DOC
Ecdat DoctorContacts Contacts With Medical Doctor 20186 15 CSV DOC
Ecdat Earnings Earnings for Three Age Groups 4266 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat Electricity Cost Function for Electricity Producers 158 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat Fair Extramarital Affairs Data 601 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat Fatality Drunk Driving Laws and Traffic Deaths 336 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat Fishing Choice of Fishing Mode 1182 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat Forward Exchange Rates of US Dollar Against Other Currencies 276 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat FriendFoe Data from the Television Game Show Friend Or Foe ? 227 13 CSV DOC
Ecdat Garch Daily Observations on Exchange Rates of the US Dollar Against Other Currencies 1867 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat Gasoline Gasoline Consumption 342 6 CSV DOC
Ecdat Griliches Wage Datas 758 20 CSV DOC
Ecdat Grunfeld Grunfeld Investment Data 200 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat HC Heating and Cooling System Choice in Newly Built Houses in California 250 18 CSV DOC
Ecdat Hdma The Boston HMDA Data Set 2381 13 CSV DOC
Ecdat Heating Heating System Choice in California Houses 900 21 CSV DOC
Ecdat Hedonic Hedonic Prices of Census Tracts in Boston 506 15 CSV DOC
Ecdat HHSCyberSecurityBreaches Cybersecurity breaches reported to the US Department of Health and Human Services 1151 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat HI Health Insurance and Hours Worked By Wives 22272 13 CSV DOC
Ecdat Hmda The Boston HMDA Data Set 2381 13 CSV DOC
Ecdat Housing Sales Prices of Houses in the City of Windsor 546 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat Hstarts Housing Starts 168 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat Icecream Ice Cream Consumption 30 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat incidents.byCountryYr Global Terrorism Database yearly summaries 9270 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat incomeInequality Income Inequality in the US 66 22 CSV DOC
Ecdat IncomeUK Seasonally Unadjusted Quarterly Data on Disposable Income and Expenditure 58 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat Irates Monthly Interest Rates 531 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat Journals Economic Journals Dat Set 180 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat Kakadu Willingness to Pay for the Preservation of the Kakadu National Park 1827 22 CSV DOC
Ecdat Ketchup Choice of Brand for Ketchup 4956 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat Klein Klein's Model I 22 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat LaborSupply Wages and Hours Worked 5320 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat Labour Belgian Firms 569 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Longley The Longley Data 16 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat LT Dollar Sterling Exchange Rate 200 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat Macrodat Macroeconomic Time Series for the United States 168 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat Males Wages and Education of Young Males 4360 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat ManufCost Manufacturing Costs 25 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat Mathlevel Level of Calculus Attained for Students Taking Advanced Micro-economics 609 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat MCAS The Massachusetts Test Score Data Set 220 17 CSV DOC
Ecdat MedExp Structure of Demand for Medical Care 5574 15 CSV DOC
Ecdat Metal Production for SIC 33 27 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat Mishkin Inflation and Interest Rates 491 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat Mode Mode Choice 453 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat ModeChoice Data to Study Travel Mode Choice 840 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat Mofa International Expansion of U.S. Mofa's (majority-owned Foreign Affiliates in Fire (finance, Insurance and Real Estate) 50 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat Money Money, GDP and Interest Rate in Canada 128 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat MoneyUS Macroeconomic Series for the United States 164 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat Mpyr Money, National Product and Interest Rate 90 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Mroz Labor Supply Data 753 18 CSV DOC
Ecdat MunExp Municipal Expenditure Data 2385 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat MW Growth of Disposable Income and Treasury Bill Rate 50 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat NaturalPark Willingness to Pay for the Preservation of the Alentejo Natural Park 312 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat Nerlove Cost Function for Electricity Producers, 1955 159 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat nkill.byCountryYr Global Terrorism Database yearly summaries 206 45 CSV DOC
Ecdat nonEnglishNames Names with Character Set Problems 11 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat OFP Visits to Physician Office 4406 19 CSV DOC
Ecdat Oil Oil Investment 53 11 CSV DOC
Ecdat Orange The Orange Juice Data Set 642 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat Participation Labor Force Participation 872 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat PatentsHGH Dynamic Relation Between Patents and R&D 1730 18 CSV DOC
Ecdat PatentsRD Patents, R&D and Technological Spillovers for a Panel of Firms 1629 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat PE Price and Earnings Index 132 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat politicalKnowledge Political knowledge in the US and Europe 4 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat Pound Pound-dollar Exchange Rate 778 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat PPP Exchange Rates and Price Indices for France and Italy 186 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat Pricing Returns of Size-based Portfolios 418 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat Produc Us States Production 816 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat PSID Panel Survey of Income Dynamics 4856 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat RetSchool Return to Schooling 5225 17 CSV DOC
Ecdat Schooling Wages and Schooling 3010 28 CSV DOC
Ecdat Solow Solow's Technological Change Data 41 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat Somerville Visits to Lake Somerville 659 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat SP500 Returns on Standard & Poor's 500 Index 2783 1 CSV DOC
Ecdat Star Effects on Learning of Small Class Sizes 5748 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat Strike Strike Duration Data 62 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat StrikeDur Strikes Duration 566 2 CSV DOC
Ecdat StrikeNb Number of Strikes in Us Manufacturing 108 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat SumHes The Penn Table 3250 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat Tbrate Interest Rate, GDP and Inflation 188 3 CSV DOC
Ecdat terrorism Global Terrorism Database yearly summaries 46 25 CSV DOC
Ecdat Tobacco Households Tobacco Budget Share 2724 9 CSV DOC
Ecdat Train Stated Preferences for Train Traveling 2929 11 CSV DOC
Ecdat TranspEq Statewide Data on Transportation Equipment Manufacturing 25 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat Treatment Evaluating Treatment Effect of Training on Earnings 2675 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat Tuna Choice of Brand for Tuna 13705 8 CSV DOC
Ecdat UnempDur Unemployment Duration 3343 11 CSV DOC
Ecdat Unemployment Unemployment Duration 452 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat University Provision of University Teaching and Research 62 17 CSV DOC
Ecdat USclassifiedDocuments Official Secrecy of the United States Government 29 5 CSV DOC
Ecdat USFinanceIndustry US Finance Industry Profits 84 7 CSV DOC
Ecdat USGDPpresidents US GDP per capita with presidents and wars 259 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat USstateAbbreviations Standard abbreviations for states of the United States 76 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat UStaxWords Number of Words in US Tax Law 7 10 CSV DOC
Ecdat VietNamH Medical Expenses in Viet-nam (household Level) 5999 11 CSV DOC
Ecdat VietNamI Medical Expenses in Viet-nam (individual Level) 27765 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat Wages Panel Datas of Individual Wages 4165 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat Wages1 Wages, Experience and Schooling 3294 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Workinghours Wife Working Hours 3382 12 CSV DOC
Ecdat Yen Yen-dollar Exchange Rate 778 4 CSV DOC
Ecdat Yogurt Choice of Brand for Yogurts 2412 10 CSV DOC
evir bmw Daily Log Returns on BMW Share Price 6146 1 CSV DOC
evir danish Danish Fire Insurance Claims 2167 1 CSV DOC
evir nidd.annual The River Nidd Data 35 1 CSV DOC
evir nidd.thresh The River Nidd Data 154 1 CSV DOC
evir siemens Daily Log Returns on Siemens Share Price 6146 1 CSV DOC
evir sp.raw SP Data to June 1993 8415 1 CSV DOC
evir spto87 SP Return Data to October 1987 6985 1 CSV DOC
gamclass airAccs Aircraft Crash data 5666 7 CSV DOC
gamclass cvalues Historical speed of light measurements 9 3 CSV DOC
gamclass FARS US fatal road accident data for automobiles, 1998 to 2010 151158 17 CSV DOC
gamclass fars2007 US fatal road accident data, 2007 and 2008 72548 24 CSV DOC
gamclass fars2008 US fatal road accident data, 2007 and 2008 64881 24 CSV DOC
gamclass FARSmiss Summary information on records omitted from the 'FARS' dataset 51 91 CSV DOC
gamclass german German credit scoring data 1000 21 CSV DOC
gamclass loti Global temperature anomalies 131 19 CSV DOC
gap aldh2 ALDH2 markers and Alcoholism 263 18 CSV DOC
gap apoeapoc APOE/APOC1 markers and Alzheimer's 353 8 CSV DOC
gap cf Cystic fibrosis data 186 24 CSV DOC
gap crohn Crohn's disease data 387 212 CSV DOC
gap fa Friedreich Ataxia data 127 13 CSV DOC
gap fsnps A case-control data involving four SNPs with missing genotype 432 10 CSV DOC
gap hla The HLA data 271 8 CSV DOC
gap l51 An example pedigree data 51 6 CSV DOC
gap lukas An example pedigree 85 4 CSV DOC
gap mao A study of Parkinson's disease and MAO gene 340 19 CSV DOC
gap meyer A pedigree data on 282 animals deriving from two generations 306 5 CSV DOC
gap mfblong Example data for ACEnucfam 3000 10 CSV DOC
gap nep499 A study of Alzheimer's disease with eight SNPs and APOE 499 23 CSV DOC
gap PD A study of Parkinson's disease and APOE, LRRK2, SNCA makers 825 22 CSV DOC
geepack dietox Growth curves of pigs in a 3x3 factorial experiment 861 7 CSV DOC
geepack koch Ordinal Data from Koch 288 4 CSV DOC
geepack ohio Ohio Children Wheeze Status 2148 4 CSV DOC
geepack respdis Clustered Ordinal Respiratory Disorder 111 5 CSV DOC
geepack respiratory Data from a clinical trial comparing two treatments for a respiratory illness 444 8 CSV DOC
geepack seizure Epiliptic Seizures 59 7 CSV DOC
geepack sitka89 Growth of Sitka Spruce Trees 632 4 CSV DOC
geepack spruce Log-size of 79 Sitka spruce trees 1027 6 CSV DOC
ggplot2 diamonds Prices of 50,000 round cut diamonds 53940 10 CSV DOC
ggplot2 economics US economic time series 574 6 CSV DOC
ggplot2 economics_long US economic time series 2870 4 CSV DOC
ggplot2 faithfuld 2d density estimate of Old Faithful data 5625 3 CSV DOC
ggplot2 luv_colours 'colors()' in Luv space 657 4 CSV DOC
ggplot2 midwest Midwest demographics 437 28 CSV DOC
ggplot2 mpg Fuel economy data from 1999 and 2008 for 38 popular models of car 234 11 CSV DOC
ggplot2 msleep An updated and expanded version of the mammals sleep dataset 83 11 CSV DOC
ggplot2 presidential Terms of 11 presidents from Eisenhower to Obama 11 4 CSV DOC
ggplot2 seals Vector field of seal movements 1155 4 CSV DOC
ggplot2 txhousing Housing sales in TX 8602 9 CSV DOC
HistData Arbuthnot Arbuthnot's data on male and female birth ratios in London from 1629-1710. 82 7 CSV DOC
HistData Armada La Felicisima Armada 10 11 CSV DOC
HistData Bowley Bowley's data on values of British and Irish trade, 1855-1899 45 2 CSV DOC
HistData Cavendish Cavendish's Determinations of the Density of the Earth 29 3 CSV DOC
HistData ChestSizes Chest measurements of 5738 Scottish Militiamen 16 2 CSV DOC
HistData Cholera William Farr's Data on Cholera in London, 1849 38 15 CSV DOC
HistData CushnyPeebles Cushny-Peebles Data: Soporific Effects of Scopolamine Derivatives 11 4 CSV DOC
HistData CushnyPeeblesN Cushny-Peebles Data: Soporific Effects of Scopolamine Derivatives 11 4 CSV DOC
HistData Dactyl Edgeworth's counts of dactyls in Virgil's Aeneid 60 3 CSV DOC
HistData DrinksWages Elderton and Pearson's (1910) data on drinking and wages 70 6 CSV DOC
HistData Fingerprints Waite's data on Patterns in Fingerprints 36 3 CSV DOC
HistData Galton Galton's data on the heights of parents and their children 928 2 CSV DOC
HistData GaltonFamilies Galton's data on the heights of parents and their children, by child 934 8 CSV DOC
HistData Guerry Data from A.-M. Guerry, "Essay on the Moral Statistics of France" 86 23 CSV DOC
HistData HalleyLifeTable Halley's Life Table 84 4 CSV DOC
HistData Jevons W. Stanley Jevons' data on numerical discrimination 50 4 CSV DOC
HistData Langren.all van Langren's Data on Longitude Distance between Toledo and Rome 61 4 CSV DOC
HistData Langren1644 van Langren's Data on Longitude Distance between Toledo and Rome 12 9 CSV DOC
HistData Macdonell Macdonell's Data on Height and Finger Length of Criminals, used by Gosset (1908) 924 3 CSV DOC
HistData MacdonellDF Macdonell's Data on Height and Finger Length of Criminals, used by Gosset (1908) 3000 2 CSV DOC
HistData Michelson Michelson's Determinations of the Velocity of Light 100 1 CSV DOC
HistData MichelsonSets Michelson's Determinations of the Velocity of Light 20 5 CSV DOC
HistData Minard.cities Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow 20 3 CSV DOC
HistData Minard.temp Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow 9 4 CSV DOC
HistData Minard.troops Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow 51 5 CSV DOC
HistData Nightingale Florence Nightingale's data on deaths from various causes in the Crimean War 24 10 CSV DOC
HistData OldMaps Latitudes and Longitudes of 39 Points in 11 Old Maps 468 6 CSV DOC
HistData PearsonLee Pearson and Lee's data on the heights of parents and children classified by gender 746 6 CSV DOC
HistData PolioTrials Polio Field Trials Data 8 6 CSV DOC
HistData Prostitutes Parent-Duchatelet's time-series data on the number of prostitutes in Paris 516 5 CSV DOC
HistData Pyx Trial of the Pyx 72 4 CSV DOC
HistData Quarrels Statistics of Deadly Quarrels 779 84 CSV DOC
HistData Snow.dates John Snow's Map and Data on the 1854 London Cholera Outbreak 44 3 CSV DOC
HistData Snow.deaths John Snow's Map and Data on the 1854 London Cholera Outbreak 578 3 CSV DOC
HistData Snow.deaths2 John Snow's Map and Data on the 1854 London Cholera Outbreak 578 3 CSV DOC
HistData Snow.pumps John Snow's Map and Data on the 1854 London Cholera Outbreak 13 4 CSV DOC
HistData Snow.streets John Snow's Map and Data on the 1854 London Cholera Outbreak 1241 4 CSV DOC
HistData Virginis John F. W. Herschel's Data on the Orbit of the Twin Stars gamma _Virginis_ 18 6 CSV DOC
HistData Virginis.interp John F. W. Herschel's Data on the Orbit of the Twin Stars gamma _Virginis_ 14 4 CSV DOC
HistData Wheat Playfair's Data on Wages and the Price of Wheat 53 3 CSV DOC
HistData Wheat.monarchs Playfair's Data on Wages and the Price of Wheat 12 4 CSV DOC
HistData Yeast Student's (1906) Yeast Cell Counts 36 3 CSV DOC
HistData YeastD.mat Student's (1906) Yeast Cell Counts 20 20 CSV DOC
HistData ZeaMays Darwin's Heights of Cross- and Self-fertilized Zea May Pairs 15 5 CSV DOC
HSAUR agefat Total Body Composision Data 25 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR aspirin Aspirin Data 7 4 CSV DOC
HSAUR BCG BCG Vaccine Data 13 7 CSV DOC
HSAUR birthdeathrates Birth and Death Rates Data 69 2 CSV DOC
HSAUR bladdercancer Bladder Cancer Data 31 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR BtheB Beat the Blues Data 100 8 CSV DOC
HSAUR clouds Cloud Seeding Data 24 7 CSV DOC
HSAUR CYGOB1 CYG OB1 Star Cluster Data 47 2 CSV DOC
HSAUR epilepsy Epilepsy Data 236 6 CSV DOC
HSAUR Forbes2000 The Forbes 2000 Ranking of the World's Biggest Companies (Year 2004) 2000 8 CSV DOC
HSAUR foster Foster Feeding Experiment 61 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR GHQ General Health Questionnaire 22 4 CSV DOC
HSAUR heptathlon Olympic Heptathlon Seoul 1988 25 8 CSV DOC
HSAUR Lanza Prevention of Gastointestinal Damages 198 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR mastectomy Survival Times after Mastectomy of Breast Cancer Patients 44 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR meteo Meteorological Measurements for 11 Years 11 6 CSV DOC
HSAUR orallesions Oral Lesions in Rural India 24 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR phosphate Phosphate Level Data 33 9 CSV DOC
HSAUR pistonrings Piston Rings Failures 12 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR planets Exoplanets Data 101 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR plasma Blood Screening Data 32 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR polyps Familial Andenomatous Polyposis 20 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR polyps3 Familial Andenomatous Polyposis 22 5 CSV DOC
HSAUR pottery Romano-British Pottery Data 45 9 CSV DOC
HSAUR rearrests Rearrests of Juvenile Felons 4 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR respiratory Respiratory Illness Data 555 7 CSV DOC
HSAUR roomwidth Students Estimates of Lecture Room Width 113 2 CSV DOC
HSAUR schizophrenia Age of Onset of Schizophrenia Data 251 2 CSV DOC
HSAUR schizophrenia2 Schizophrenia Data 220 4 CSV DOC
HSAUR schooldays Days not Spent at School 154 5 CSV DOC
HSAUR skulls Egyptian Skulls 150 5 CSV DOC
HSAUR smoking Nicotine Gum and Smoking Cessation 26 4 CSV DOC
HSAUR students Student Risk Taking 35 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR suicides Crowd Baiting Behaviour and Suicides 4 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR toothpaste Toothpaste Data 9 7 CSV DOC
HSAUR voting House of Representatives Voting Data 15 15 CSV DOC
HSAUR water Mortality and Water Hardness 61 4 CSV DOC
HSAUR watervoles Water Voles Data 14 14 CSV DOC
HSAUR waves Electricity from Wave Power at Sea 18 2 CSV DOC
HSAUR weightgain Gain in Weight of Rats 40 3 CSV DOC
HSAUR womensrole Womens Role in Society 42 4 CSV DOC
hwde IndianIrish Observed genotype frequencies at MN and S loci, for 2 populations 18 4 CSV DOC
hwde mendelABC Mendel's F2 trifactorial data for seed shape (A: round or wrinkled), cotyledon color (B: albumen yellow or green), and seed coat color (C: grey-brown or white) 27 4 CSV DOC
ISLR Auto Auto Data Set 392 9 CSV DOC
ISLR Caravan The Insurance Company (TIC) Benchmark 5822 86 CSV DOC
ISLR Carseats Sales of Child Car Seats 400 11 CSV DOC
ISLR College U.S. News and World Report's College Data 777 18 CSV DOC
ISLR Credit Credit Card Balance Data 400 12 CSV DOC
ISLR Default Credit Card Default Data 10000 4 CSV DOC
ISLR Hitters Baseball Data 322 20 CSV DOC
ISLR NCI60 NCI 60 Data 64 6831 CSV DOC
ISLR OJ Orange Juice Data 1070 18 CSV DOC
ISLR Portfolio Portfolio Data 100 2 CSV DOC
ISLR Smarket S&P Stock Market Data 1250 9 CSV DOC
ISLR Wage Mid-Atlantic Wage Data 3000 11 CSV DOC
ISLR Weekly Weekly S&P Stock Market Data 1089 9 CSV DOC
KMsurv aids data from Section 1.19 295 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv alloauto data from Section 1.9 101 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv allograft data from Exercise 13.1, p418 34 4 CSV DOC
KMsurv azt data from Exercise 4.7, p122 45 4 CSV DOC
KMsurv baboon data from Exercise 5.8, p147 152 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv bcdeter data from Section 1.18 95 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv bfeed data from Section 1.14 927 10 CSV DOC
KMsurv bmt data from Section 1.3 137 22 CSV DOC
KMsurv bnct data from Exercise 7.7, p223 30 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv btrial data from Section 1.5 45 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv burn data from Section 1.6 154 18 CSV DOC
KMsurv channing data from Section 1.16 462 6 CSV DOC
KMsurv drug6mp data from Section 1.2 21 5 CSV DOC
KMsurv drughiv data from Exercise 7.6, p222 34 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv hodg data from Section 1.10 43 6 CSV DOC
KMsurv kidney data from Section 1.4 119 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv kidrecurr Data on 38 individuals using a kidney dialysis machine 38 10 CSV DOC
KMsurv kidtran data from Section 1.7 863 6 CSV DOC
KMsurv larynx data from Section 1.8 90 5 CSV DOC
KMsurv lung data from Exercise 4.4, p120 25 4 CSV DOC
KMsurv pneumon data from Section 1.13 3470 15 CSV DOC
KMsurv psych data from Section 1.15 26 4 CSV DOC
KMsurv rats data from Exercise 7.13, p225 150 4 CSV DOC
KMsurv std data from Section 1.12 877 24 CSV DOC
KMsurv stddiag data from Exercise 5.6, p146 25 2 CSV DOC
KMsurv tongue data from Section 1.11 80 3 CSV DOC
KMsurv twins data from Exercise 7.14, p225 24 4 CSV DOC
lattice barley Yield data from a Minnesota barley trial 120 4 CSV DOC
lattice environmental Atmospheric environmental conditions in New York City 111 4 CSV DOC
lattice ethanol Engine exhaust fumes from burning ethanol 88 3 CSV DOC
lattice melanoma Melanoma skin cancer incidence 37 2 CSV DOC
lattice singer Heights of New York Choral Society singers 235 2 CSV DOC
lattice USMortality Mortality Rates in US by Cause and Gender 40 5 CSV DOC
lattice USRegionalMortality Mortality Rates in US by Cause and Gender 400 6 CSV DOC
lme4 Arabidopsis Arabidopsis clipping/fertilization data 625 8 CSV DOC
lme4 cake Breakage Angle of Chocolate Cakes 270 5 CSV DOC
lme4 cbpp Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia 56 4 CSV DOC
lme4 Dyestuff Yield of dyestuff by batch 30 2 CSV DOC
lme4 Dyestuff2 Yield of dyestuff by batch 30 2 CSV DOC
lme4 grouseticks Data on red grouse ticks from Elston et al. 2001 403 7 CSV DOC
lme4 InstEval University Lecture/Instructor Evaluations by Students at ETH 73421 7 CSV DOC
lme4 Pastes Paste strength by batch and cask 60 4 CSV DOC
lme4 Penicillin Variation in penicillin testing 144 3 CSV DOC
lme4 sleepstudy Reaction times in a sleep deprivation study 180 3 CSV DOC
lme4 VerbAgg Verbal Aggression item responses 7584 9 CSV DOC
lmec UTIdata Data set for Unstructured Treatment Interruption Study 373 5 CSV DOC
MASS abbey Determinations of Nickel Content 31 1 CSV DOC
MASS accdeaths Accidental Deaths in the US 1973-1978 72 2 CSV DOC
MASS Aids2 Australian AIDS Survival Data 2843 7 CSV DOC
MASS Animals Brain and Body Weights for 28 Species 28 2 CSV DOC
MASS anorexia Anorexia Data on Weight Change 72 3 CSV DOC
MASS bacteria Presence of Bacteria after Drug Treatments 220 6 CSV DOC
MASS beav1 Body Temperature Series of Beaver 1 114 4 CSV DOC
MASS beav2 Body Temperature Series of Beaver 2 100 4 CSV DOC
MASS biopsy Biopsy Data on Breast Cancer Patients 699 11 CSV DOC
MASS birthwt Risk Factors Associated with Low Infant Birth Weight 189 10 CSV DOC
MASS Boston Housing Values in Suburbs of Boston 506 14 CSV DOC
MASS cabbages Data from a cabbage field trial 60 4 CSV DOC
MASS caith Colours of Eyes and Hair of People in Caithness 4 5 CSV DOC
MASS Cars93 Data from 93 Cars on Sale in the USA in 1993 93 27 CSV DOC
MASS cats Anatomical Data from Domestic Cats 144 3 CSV DOC
MASS cement Heat Evolved by Setting Cements 13 5 CSV DOC
MASS chem Copper in Wholemeal Flour 24 1 CSV DOC
MASS coop Co-operative Trial in Analytical Chemistry 252 4 CSV DOC
MASS cpus Performance of Computer CPUs 209 9 CSV DOC
MASS crabs Morphological Measurements on Leptograpsus Crabs 200 8 CSV DOC
MASS Cushings Diagnostic Tests on Patients with Cushing's Syndrome 27 3 CSV DOC
MASS deaths Monthly Deaths from Lung Diseases in the UK 72 2 CSV DOC
MASS drivers Deaths of Car Drivers in Great Britain 1969-84 192 2 CSV DOC
MASS eagles Foraging Ecology of Bald Eagles 8 5 CSV DOC
MASS epil Seizure Counts for Epileptics 236 9 CSV DOC
MASS farms Ecological Factors in Farm Management 20 4 CSV DOC
MASS fgl Measurements of Forensic Glass Fragments 214 10 CSV DOC
MASS forbes Forbes' Data on Boiling Points in the Alps 17 2 CSV DOC
MASS GAGurine Level of GAG in Urine of Children 314 2 CSV DOC
MASS galaxies Velocities for 82 Galaxies 82 1 CSV DOC
MASS gehan Remission Times of Leukaemia Patients 42 4 CSV DOC
MASS genotype Rat Genotype Data 61 3 CSV DOC
MASS geyser Old Faithful Geyser Data 299 2 CSV DOC
MASS gilgais Line Transect of Soil in Gilgai Territory 365 9 CSV DOC
MASS hills Record Times in Scottish Hill Races 35 3 CSV DOC
MASS housing Frequency Table from a Copenhagen Housing Conditions Survey 72 5 CSV DOC
MASS immer Yields from a Barley Field Trial 30 4 CSV DOC
MASS Insurance Numbers of Car Insurance claims 64 5 CSV DOC
MASS leuk Survival Times and White Blood Counts for Leukaemia Patients 33 3 CSV DOC
MASS mammals Brain and Body Weights for 62 Species of Land Mammals 62 2 CSV DOC
MASS mcycle Data from a Simulated Motorcycle Accident 133 2 CSV DOC
MASS Melanoma Survival from Malignant Melanoma 205 7 CSV DOC
MASS menarche Age of Menarche in Warsaw 25 3 CSV DOC
MASS michelson Michelson's Speed of Light Data 100 3 CSV DOC
MASS minn38 Minnesota High School Graduates of 1938 168 5 CSV DOC
MASS motors Accelerated Life Testing of Motorettes 40 3 CSV DOC
MASS muscle Effect of Calcium Chloride on Muscle Contraction in Rat Hearts 60 3 CSV DOC
MASS newcomb Newcomb's Measurements of the Passage Time of Light 66 1 CSV DOC
MASS nlschools Eighth-Grade Pupils in the Netherlands 2287 6 CSV DOC
MASS npk Classical N, P, K Factorial Experiment 24 5 CSV DOC
MASS npr1 US Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1 data 104 4 CSV DOC
MASS oats Data from an Oats Field Trial 72 4 CSV DOC
MASS OME Tests of Auditory Perception in Children with OME 1097 7 CSV DOC
MASS painters The Painter's Data of de Piles 54 5 CSV DOC
MASS petrol N. L. Prater's Petrol Refinery Data 32 6 CSV DOC
MASS phones Belgium Phone Calls 1950-1973 24 2 CSV DOC
MASS Pima.te Diabetes in Pima Indian Women 332 8 CSV DOC
MASS Diabetes in Pima Indian Women 200 8 CSV DOC
MASS Pima.tr2 Diabetes in Pima Indian Women 300 8 CSV DOC
MASS quine Absenteeism from School in Rural New South Wales 146 5 CSV DOC
MASS Rabbit Blood Pressure in Rabbits 60 5 CSV DOC
MASS road Road Accident Deaths in US States 26 6 CSV DOC
MASS rotifer Numbers of Rotifers by Fluid Density 20 5 CSV DOC
MASS Rubber Accelerated Testing of Tyre Rubber 30 3 CSV DOC
MASS ships Ships Damage Data 40 5 CSV DOC
MASS shoes Shoe wear data of Box, Hunter and Hunter 10 2 CSV DOC
MASS shrimp Percentage of Shrimp in Shrimp Cocktail 18 1 CSV DOC
MASS shuttle Space Shuttle Autolander Problem 256 7 CSV DOC
MASS Sitka Growth Curves for Sitka Spruce Trees in 1988 395 4 CSV DOC
MASS Sitka89 Growth Curves for Sitka Spruce Trees in 1989 632 4 CSV DOC
MASS Skye AFM Compositions of Aphyric Skye Lavas 23 3 CSV DOC
MASS snails Snail Mortality Data 96 6 CSV DOC
MASS SP500 Returns of the Standard and Poors 500 2780 1 CSV DOC
MASS steam The Saturated Steam Pressure Data 14 2 CSV DOC
MASS stormer The Stormer Viscometer Data 23 3 CSV DOC
MASS survey Student Survey Data 237 12 CSV DOC
MASS synth.te Synthetic Classification Problem 1000 3 CSV DOC
MASS Synthetic Classification Problem 250 3 CSV DOC
MASS topo Spatial Topographic Data 52 3 CSV DOC
MASS Traffic Effect of Swedish Speed Limits on Accidents 184 4 CSV DOC
MASS UScereal Nutritional and Marketing Information on US Cereals 65 11 CSV DOC
MASS UScrime The Effect of Punishment Regimes on Crime Rates 47 16 CSV DOC
MASS VA Veteran's Administration Lung Cancer Trial 137 8 CSV DOC
MASS waders Counts of Waders at 15 Sites in South Africa 15 19 CSV DOC
MASS whiteside House Insulation: Whiteside's Data 56 3 CSV DOC
MASS wtloss Weight Loss Data from an Obese Patient 52 2 CSV DOC
mediation boundsdata Example Data for the Design Functions 1000 7 CSV DOC
mediation CEDdata Example Data for the Crossover Encouragement Design 2000 7 CSV DOC
mediation framing Brader, Valentino and Suhay (2008) Framing Experiment Data 265 15 CSV DOC
mediation jobs JOBS II data 899 17 CSV DOC
mediation school School-level data 568 5 CSV DOC
mediation student Hypothetical student-level data 9679 13 CSV DOC
mi CHAIN Subset of variables from the CHAIN project 532 7 CSV DOC
mi nlsyV National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Extract 400 7 CSV DOC
mosaicData Alcohol Alcohol Consumption per Capita 411 4 CSV DOC
mosaicData Birthdays US Births in 1969 - 1988 372864 7 CSV DOC
mosaicData Births US Births 7305 8 CSV DOC
mosaicData Births2015 US Births in 2015 365 4 CSV DOC
mosaicData Births78 US Births in 1978 365 4 CSV DOC
mosaicData Cards Standard Deck of Cards 52 1 CSV DOC
mosaicData CoolingWater CoolingWater 222 2 CSV DOC
mosaicData Countries Countries 288 3 CSV DOC
mosaicData CPS85 Data from the 1985 Current Population Survey (CPS85) 534 11 CSV DOC
mosaicData Dimes Weight of dimes 30 2 CSV DOC
mosaicData Galton Galton's dataset of parent and child heights 898 6 CSV DOC
mosaicData Gestation Data from the Child Health and Development Studies 1236 23 CSV DOC
mosaicData GoosePermits Goose Permit Study 11 3 CSV DOC
mosaicData HeatX Data from a heat exchanger laboratory 6 7 CSV DOC
mosaicData HELPfull Health Evaluation and Linkage to Primary Care 1472 788 CSV DOC
mosaicData HELPmiss Health Evaluation and Linkage to Primary Care 470 27 CSV DOC
mosaicData HELPrct Health Evaluation and Linkage to Primary Care 453 29 CSV DOC
mosaicData KidsFeet Foot measurements in children 39 8 CSV DOC
mosaicData Marriage Marriage records 98 15 CSV DOC
mosaicData Mites Mites and Wilt Disease 47 2 CSV DOC
mosaicData RailTrail Volume of Users of a Rail Trail 90 11 CSV DOC
mosaicData Riders Volume of Users of a Massachusetts Rail Trail 90 12 CSV DOC
mosaicData SaratogaHouses Houses in Saratoga County (2006) 1728 16 CSV DOC
mosaicData SAT State by State SAT data 50 8 CSV DOC
mosaicData SnowGR Snowfall data for Grand Rapids, MI 119 15 CSV DOC
mosaicData SwimRecords 100 m Swimming World Records 62 3 CSV DOC
mosaicData TenMileRace Cherry Blossom Race 8636 5 CSV DOC
mosaicData Utilities Utility bills 117 12 CSV DOC
mosaicData Utilities2 Utility bills 117 19 CSV DOC
mosaicData Weather Weather 3655 25 CSV DOC
mosaicData Whickham Data from the Whickham survey 1314 3 CSV DOC
multgee arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Trial 906 7 CSV DOC
multgee housing Homeless Data 1448 4 CSV DOC
plm Cigar Cigarette Consumption 1380 9 CSV DOC
plm Crime Crime in North Carolina 630 24 CSV DOC
plm EmplUK Employment and Wages in the United Kingdom 1031 7 CSV DOC
plm Gasoline Gasoline Consumption 342 6 CSV DOC
plm Grunfeld Grunfeld's Investment Data 200 5 CSV DOC
plm Hedonic Hedonic Prices of Census Tracts in the Boston Area 506 15 CSV DOC
plm LaborSupply Wages and Hours Worked 5320 7 CSV DOC
plm Males Wages and Education of Young Males 4360 12 CSV DOC
plm Parity Purchasing Power Parity and other parity relationships 1768 9 CSV DOC
plm Produc US States Production 816 11 CSV DOC
plm RiceFarms Production of Rice in Indonesia 1026 20 CSV DOC
plm Snmesp Employment and Wages in Spain 5904 8 CSV DOC
plm SumHes The Penn World Table, v. 5 3250 7 CSV DOC
plm Wages Panel Data of Individual Wages 4165 12 CSV DOC
plyr baseball Yearly batting records for all major league baseball players 21699 22 CSV DOC
plyr ozone Monthly ozone measurements over Central America. 24 1728 CSV DOC
pscl absentee Absentee and Machine Ballots in Pennsylvania State Senate Races 22 8 CSV DOC
pscl admit Applications to a Political Science PhD Program 106 6 CSV DOC
pscl AustralianElectionPolling Political opinion polls in Australia, 2004-07 239 14 CSV DOC
pscl AustralianElections elections to Australian House of Representatives, 1949-2016 27 19 CSV DOC
pscl bioChemists article production by graduate students in biochemistry Ph.D. programs 915 6 CSV DOC
pscl ca2006 California Congressional Districts in 2006 53 13 CSV DOC
pscl EfronMorris Batting Averages for 18 major league baseball players, 1970 18 7 CSV DOC
pscl iraqVote U.S. Senate vote on the use of force against Iraq, 2002. 100 6 CSV DOC
pscl partycodes political parties appearing in the U.S. Congress 85 2 CSV DOC
pscl politicalInformation Interviewer ratings of respondent levels of political information 1807 8 CSV DOC
pscl presidentialElections elections for U.S. President, 1932-2016, by state 1097 4 CSV DOC
pscl prussian Prussian army horse kick data 280 3 CSV DOC
pscl RockTheVote Voter turnout experiment, using Rock The Vote ads 85 6 CSV DOC
pscl information about the American states needed for U.S. Congress 51 3 CSV DOC
pscl UKHouseOfCommons 1992 United Kingdom electoral returns 521 12 CSV DOC
pscl unionDensity cross national rates of trade union density 20 4 CSV DOC
pscl vote92 Reports of voting in the 1992 U.S. Presidential election. 909 9 CSV DOC
psych ability 16 ability items scored as correct or incorrect. 1525 16 CSV DOC
psych affect Two data sets of affect and arousal scores as a function of personality and movie conditions 330 20 CSV DOC
psych Bechtoldt Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 17 17 CSV DOC
psych Bechtoldt.1 Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 17 17 CSV DOC
psych Bechtoldt.2 Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 17 17 CSV DOC
psych bfi 25 Personality items representing 5 factors 2800 28 CSV DOC
psych bfi.dictionary 25 Personality items representing 5 factors 28 7 CSV DOC
psych blant A 29 x 29 matrix that produces weird factor analytic results 29 29 CSV DOC
psych blot Bond's Logical Operations Test - BLOT 150 35 CSV DOC
psych burt 11 emotional variables from Burt (1915) 11 11 CSV DOC
psych cattell 12 cognitive variables from Cattell (1963) 12 12 CSV DOC
psych cities Distances between 11 US cities 11 11 CSV DOC
psych cubits Galton's example of the relationship between height and 'cubit' or forearm length 9 8 CSV DOC
psych cushny A data set from Cushny and Peebles (1905) on the effect of three drugs on hours of sleep, used by Student (1908) 10 7 CSV DOC
psych Dwyer 8 cognitive variables used by Dwyer for an example. 8 8 CSV DOC
psych epi Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) data for 3570 participants 3570 57 CSV DOC
psych epi.bfi 13 personality scales from the Eysenck Personality Inventory and Big 5 inventory 231 13 CSV DOC
psych epi.dictionary Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) data for 3570 participants 57 1 CSV DOC
psych galton Galton's Mid parent child height data 928 2 CSV DOC
psych Gleser Example data from Gleser, Cronbach and Rajaratnam (1965) to show basic principles of generalizability theory. 12 12 CSV DOC
psych Gorsuch Example data set from Gorsuch (1997) for an example factor extension. 10 10 CSV DOC
psych Harman.5 Five data sets from Harman (1967). 9 cognitive variables from Holzinger and 8 emotional variables from Burt 12 5 CSV DOC
psych Harman.8 Five data sets from Harman (1967). 9 cognitive variables from Holzinger and 8 emotional variables from Burt 8 8 CSV DOC
psych Harman.political Five data sets from Harman (1967). 9 cognitive variables from Holzinger and 8 emotional variables from Burt 8 8 CSV DOC
psych heights A data.frame of the Galton (1888) height and cubit data set. 348 2 CSV DOC
psych Holzinger Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 14 14 CSV DOC
psych Holzinger.9 Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 9 9 CSV DOC
psych income US family income from US census 2008 44 4 CSV DOC
psych iqitems 16 multiple choice IQ items 1525 16 CSV DOC
psych msq 75 mood items from the Motivational State Questionnaire for 3896 participants 3896 92 CSV DOC
psych neo NEO correlation matrix from the NEO_PI_R manual 30 30 CSV DOC
psych peas Galton's Peas 700 2 CSV DOC
psych Reise Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 16 16 CSV DOC
psych sat.act 3 Measures of ability: SATV, SATQ, ACT 700 6 CSV DOC
psych Schmid 12 variables created by Schmid and Leiman to show the Schmid-Leiman Transformation 12 12 CSV DOC
psych Schutz The Schutz correlation matrix example from Shapiro and ten Berge 9 9 CSV DOC
psych spi A sample from the SAPA Personality Inventory including an item dictionary and scoring keys. 4000 145 CSV DOC
psych spi.dictionary A sample from the SAPA Personality Inventory including an item dictionary and scoring keys. 148 4 CSV DOC
psych Thurstone Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 9 9 CSV DOC
psych Thurstone.33 Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. 9 9 CSV DOC
psych Tucker 9 Cognitive variables discussed by Tucker and Lewis (1973) 9 9 CSV DOC
psych withinBetween An example of the distinction between within group and between group correlations 16 10 CSV DOC
quantreg barro Barro Data 161 14 CSV DOC
quantreg Bosco Boscovich Data 5 2 CSV DOC
quantreg CobarOre Cobar Ore data 38 3 CSV DOC
quantreg engel Engel Data 235 2 CSV DOC
quantreg gasprice Time Series of US Gasoline Prices 695 2 CSV DOC
quantreg Mammals Garland(1983) Data on Running Speed of Mammals 107 4 CSV DOC
quantreg uis UIS Drug Treatment study data 575 18 CSV DOC
reshape2 french_fries Sensory data from a french fries experiment. 696 9 CSV DOC
reshape2 smiths Demo data describing the Smiths. 2 5 CSV DOC
reshape2 tips Tipping data 244 7 CSV DOC
robustbase aircraft Aircraft Data 23 5 CSV DOC
robustbase airmay Air Quality Data 31 4 CSV DOC
robustbase alcohol Alcohol Solubility in Water Data 44 7 CSV DOC
robustbase ambientNOxCH Daily Means of NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides) in air 366 14 CSV DOC
robustbase Animals2 Brain and Body Weights for 65 Species of Land Animals 65 2 CSV DOC
robustbase biomassTill Biomass Tillage Data 58 4 CSV DOC
robustbase bushfire Campbell Bushfire Data 38 5 CSV DOC
robustbase carrots Insect Damages on Carrots 24 4 CSV DOC
robustbase cloud Cloud point of a Liquid 19 2 CSV DOC
robustbase coleman Coleman Data Set 20 6 CSV DOC
robustbase condroz Condroz Data 428 2 CSV DOC
robustbase CrohnD Crohn's Disease Adverse Events Data 117 9 CSV DOC
robustbase cushny Cushny and Peebles Prolongation of Sleep Data 10 1 CSV DOC
robustbase delivery Delivery Time Data 25 3 CSV DOC
robustbase education Education Expenditure Data 50 6 CSV DOC
robustbase epilepsy Epilepsy Attacks Data Set 59 11 CSV DOC
robustbase exAM Example Data of Antille and May - for Simple Regression 12 2 CSV DOC
robustbase foodstamp Food Stamp Program Participation 150 4 CSV DOC
robustbase hbk Hawkins, Bradu, Kass's Artificial Data 75 4 CSV DOC
robustbase heart Heart Catherization Data 12 3 CSV DOC
robustbase kootenay Waterflow Measurements of Kootenay River in Libby and Newgate 13 2 CSV DOC
robustbase lactic Lactic Acid Concentration Measurement Data 20 2 CSV DOC
robustbase los Length of Stay Data 201 1 CSV DOC
robustbase milk Daudin's Milk Composition Data 86 8 CSV DOC
robustbase NOxEmissions NOx Air Pollution Data 8088 4 CSV DOC
robustbase pension Pension Funds Data 18 2 CSV DOC
robustbase phosphor Phosphorus Content Data 18 3 CSV DOC
robustbase pilot Pilot-Plant Data 20 2 CSV DOC
robustbase possumDiv Possum Diversity Data 151 9 CSV DOC
robustbase pulpfiber Pulp Fiber and Paper Data 62 8 CSV DOC
robustbase radarImage Satellite Radar Image Data from near Munich 1573 5 CSV DOC
robustbase salinity Salinity Data 28 4 CSV DOC
robustbase SiegelsEx Siegel's Exact Fit Example Data 9 2 CSV DOC
robustbase starsCYG Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram Data of Star Cluster CYG OB1 47 2 CSV DOC
robustbase telef Number of International Calls from Belgium 24 2 CSV DOC
robustbase toxicity Toxicity of Carboxylic Acids Data 38 10 CSV DOC
robustbase vaso Vaso Constriction Skin Data Set 39 3 CSV DOC
robustbase wagnerGrowth Wagner's Hannover Employment Growth Data 63 7 CSV DOC
robustbase wood Modified Data on Wood Specific Gravity 20 6 CSV DOC
rpart car.test.frame Automobile Data from 'Consumer Reports' 1990 60 8 CSV DOC
rpart car90 Automobile Data from 'Consumer Reports' 1990 111 34 CSV DOC
rpart cu.summary Automobile Data from 'Consumer Reports' 1990 117 5 CSV DOC
rpart kyphosis Data on Children who have had Corrective Spinal Surgery 81 4 CSV DOC
rpart solder Soldering of Components on Printed-Circuit Boards 720 6 CSV DOC
rpart stagec Stage C Prostate Cancer 146 8 CSV DOC
sandwich InstInnovation Innovation and Institutional Ownership 6208 25 CSV DOC
sandwich Investment US Investment Data 20 7 CSV DOC
sandwich PetersenCL Petersen's Simulated Data for Assessing Clustered Standard Errors 5000 4 CSV DOC
sandwich PublicSchools US Expenditures for Public Schools 51 2 CSV DOC
sem Bollen Bollen's Data on Industrialization and Political Democracy 75 11 CSV DOC
sem CNES Variables from the 1997 Canadian National Election Study 1529 4 CSV DOC
sem Klein Klein's Data on the U. S. Economy 22 10 CSV DOC
sem Kmenta Partly Artificial Data on the U. S. Economy 20 5 CSV DOC
sem Tests Six Mental Tests 32 6 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Alfalfa Alfalfa 15 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data ArcheryData ArcheryData 18 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data AutoPollution AutoPollution 36 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Backpack Backpack 100 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data BaseballTimes BaseballTimes 15 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data BeeStings BeeStings 18 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data BirdNest BirdNest 84 12 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Blood1 Blood1 500 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data BlueJays Blue Jays 123 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data BritishUnions BritishUnions 17 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data CAFE CAFE 100 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data CalciumBP CalciumBP 21 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data CancerSurvival CancerSurvival 64 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Caterpillars Caterpillars 267 18 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Cereal Cereal 36 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data ChemoTHC ChemoTHC 2 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data ChildSpeaks ChildSpeaks 21 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Clothing Clothing 60 8 CSV DOC
Stat2Data CloudSeeding Cloud Seeding 28 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data CloudSeeding2 Cloud Seeding 2 108 8 CSV DOC
Stat2Data CO2 CO2 237 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data CrackerFiber Cracker Fiber in Diets 48 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Cuckoo Cuckoo 120 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Day1Survey Day1Survey 43 13 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Diamonds Diamonds 351 6 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Diamonds2 Diamonds2 307 6 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Election08 Election08 51 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Ethanol Ethanol 16 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FantasyBaseball FantasyBaseball 24 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Fertility Fertility 333 10 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FGByDistance FGByDistance 51 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Film Film 100 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FinalFourIzzo FinalFourIzzo 1664 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FinalFourLong FinalFourLong 2048 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FinalFourShort FinalFourShort 512 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Fingers Fingers 12 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FirstYearGPA FirstYearGPA 219 10 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FishEggs FishEggs 35 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FlightResponse FlightResponse 464 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Fluorescence Fluorescence 51 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data FruitFlies FruitFlies 125 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Goldenrod Goldenrod Galls 1055 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Grocery Grocery 36 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Gunnels Gunnels 1592 10 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Hawks Hawks 908 19 CSV DOC
Stat2Data HawkTail HawkTail 838 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data HawkTail2 HawkTail2 577 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data HearingTest HearingTest 96 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data HighPeaks HighPeaks 46 6 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Hoops Hoops 147 22 CSV DOC
Stat2Data HorsePrices HorsePrices 50 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Houses Houses 20 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data ICU ICU 200 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data InfantMortality InfantMortality 9 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data InsuranceVote InsuranceVote 435 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Jurors Jurors 52 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Kids198 Kids198 198 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data LeafHoppers LeafHoppers 8 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Leukemia Leukemia 51 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data LongJumpOlympics LongJumpOlympics 26 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data LostLetter LostLetter 140 8 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Marathon Marathon 1127 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Markets Markets 56 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MathEnrollment Math Enrollments 11 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MathPlacement Math Placement 2696 16 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MedGPA MedGPA 55 11 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MentalHealth Mental Health Admissions 36 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MetabolicRate Metabolic Rate of Caterpillars 305 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MetroHealth83 MetroHealth83 83 16 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Milgram Milgram 37 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MLB2007Standings MLB2007Standings 30 21 CSV DOC
Stat2Data MothEggs Moth Eggs 39 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data NCbirths NCbirths 1450 15 CSV DOC
Stat2Data NFL2007Standings NFL2007Standings 32 10 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Nursing Nursing 52 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Olives Olives 18 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Orings Orings 24 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Overdrawn Overdrawn 450 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data PalmBeach PalmBeach 67 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Pedometer Pedometer 68 8 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Perch Perch 56 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data PigFeed PigFeed 12 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Pines Pines 1000 15 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Political Political 59 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Pollster08 Pollster08 102 11 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Popcorn Popcorn 12 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data PorscheJaguar PorscheJaguar 60 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data PorschePrice PorschePrice 30 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Pulse Pulse 232 7 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Putts1 Putts1 587 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Putts2 Putts2 5 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data ReligionGDP ReligionGDP 44 9 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Retirement Retirement 16 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data RiverElements RiverElements 12 27 CSV DOC
Stat2Data RiverIron River Iron 12 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data SampleFG SampleFG 30 13 CSV DOC
Stat2Data SandwichAnts Sandwich Ants 48 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data SATGPA SAT scores and GPA 24 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data SeaSlugs Sea Slugs 36 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Sparrows Sparrows 116 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data SpeciesArea Species Area 14 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Speed Speed 21 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Swahili Swahili 480 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data TextPrices Text Prices 30 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data ThreeCars Three Cars 90 8 CSV DOC
Stat2Data TipJoke Tip Joke 211 5 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Titanic Titanic 1313 6 CSV DOC
Stat2Data TMS TMS 2 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data TomlinsonRush LaDainian Tomlinson Rushing Yards 16 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data TwinsLungs TwinsLungs 14 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data USstamps USstamps 25 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data Volts Volts 50 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data WalkingBabies WalkingBabies 24 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data WeightLossIncentive WeightLossIncentive 38 3 CSV DOC
Stat2Data WeightLossIncentive4 WeightLossIncentive4 36 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data WeightLossIncentive7 WeightLossIncentive7 33 2 CSV DOC
Stat2Data WordMemory WordMemory 40 4 CSV DOC
Stat2Data YouthRisk2007 YouthRisk2007 13387 6 CSV DOC
Stat2Data YouthRisk2009 YouthRisk2009 500 6 CSV DOC
survival bladder Bladder Cancer Recurrences 340 7 CSV DOC
survival cancer NCCTG Lung Cancer Data 228 10 CSV DOC
survival cgd Chronic Granulotomous Disease data 203 16 CSV DOC
survival colon Chemotherapy for Stage B/C colon cancer 1858 16 CSV DOC
survival flchain Assay of serum free light chain for 7874 subjects. 7874 11 CSV DOC
survival genfan Generator fans 70 2 CSV DOC
survival heart Stanford Heart Transplant data 172 8 CSV DOC
survival kidney Kidney catheter data 76 7 CSV DOC
survival leukemia Acute Myelogenous Leukemia survival data 23 3 CSV DOC
survival logan Data from the 1972-78 GSS data used by Logan 838 4 CSV DOC
survival lung NCCTG Lung Cancer Data 228 10 CSV DOC
survival mgus Monoclonal gammapothy data 241 12 CSV DOC
survival mgus2 Monoclonal gammapothy data 1384 10 CSV DOC
survival myeloid Acute myeloid leukemia 646 7 CSV DOC
survival nwtco Data from the National Wilm's Tumor Study 4028 9 CSV DOC
survival ovarian Ovarian Cancer Survival Data 26 6 CSV DOC
survival pbc Mayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Data 418 20 CSV DOC
survival rats Rat treatment data from Mantel et al 300 5 CSV DOC
survival retinopathy Diabetic Retinopathy 394 9 CSV DOC
survival rhDNase rhDNASE data set 767 8 CSV DOC
survival stanford2 More Stanford Heart Transplant data 184 5 CSV DOC
survival tobin Tobin's Tobit data 20 3 CSV DOC
survival transplant Liver transplant waiting list 815 6 CSV DOC
survival uspop2 Projected US Population 101 42 CSV DOC
survival veteran Veterans' Administration Lung Cancer study 137 8 CSV DOC
texmex liver Liver related laboratory data 606 9 CSV DOC
texmex nidd Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets. 154 1 CSV DOC
texmex portpirie Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets. 65 2 CSV DOC
texmex rain Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets. 17531 1 CSV DOC
texmex summer Air pollution data, separately for summer and winter months 578 5 CSV DOC
texmex wavesurge Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets. 2894 2 CSV DOC
texmex winter Air pollution data, separately for summer and winter months 532 5 CSV DOC
vcd Arthritis Arthritis Treatment Data 84 5 CSV DOC
vcd Baseball Baseball Data 322 25 CSV DOC
vcd BrokenMarriage Broken Marriage Data 20 4 CSV DOC
vcd Bundesliga Ergebnisse der Fussball-Bundesliga 14018 7 CSV DOC
vcd Bundestag2005 Votes in German Bundestag Election 2005 80 3 CSV DOC
vcd Butterfly Butterfly Species in Malaya 24 2 CSV DOC
vcd CoalMiners Breathlessness and Wheeze in Coal Miners 36 4 CSV DOC
vcd DanishWelfare Danish Welfare Study Data 180 5 CSV DOC
vcd Employment Employment Status 24 4 CSV DOC
vcd Federalist 'May' in Federalist Papers 7 2 CSV DOC
vcd Hitters Hitters Data 154 4 CSV DOC
vcd HorseKicks Death by Horse Kicks 5 2 CSV DOC
vcd Hospital Hospital data 9 3 CSV DOC
vcd JobSatisfaction Job Satisfaction Data 8 4 CSV DOC
vcd JointSports Opinions About Joint Sports 40 5 CSV DOC
vcd Lifeboats Lifeboats on the Titanic 18 8 CSV DOC
vcd MSPatients Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis 4 8 CSV DOC
vcd NonResponse Non-Response Survey Data 12 4 CSV DOC
vcd OvaryCancer Ovary Cancer Data 16 5 CSV DOC
vcd PreSex Pre-marital Sex and Divorce 16 5 CSV DOC
vcd Punishment Corporal Punishment Data 36 5 CSV DOC
vcd RepVict Repeat Victimization Data 64 3 CSV DOC
vcd Rochdale Rochdale Data 256 9 CSV DOC
vcd Saxony Families in Saxony 13 2 CSV DOC
vcd SexualFun Sex is Fun 16 3 CSV DOC
vcd SpaceShuttle Space Shuttle O-ring Failures 24 6 CSV DOC
vcd Suicide Suicide Rates in Germany 306 6 CSV DOC
vcd Trucks Truck Accidents Data 24 5 CSV DOC
vcd UKSoccer UK Soccer Scores 25 3 CSV DOC
vcd VisualAcuity Visual Acuity in Left and Right Eyes 32 4 CSV DOC
vcd VonBort Von Bortkiewicz Horse Kicks Data 280 4 CSV DOC
vcd WeldonDice Weldon's Dice Data 11 2 CSV DOC
vcd WomenQueue Women in Queues 11 2 CSV DOC
Zelig approval U.S. Presidential Approval Data 65 8 CSV DOC
Zelig bivariate Sample data for bivariate probit regression 78 6 CSV DOC
Zelig CigarettesSW Cigarette Consumption Panel Data 96 9 CSV DOC
Zelig coalition Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies 314 7 CSV DOC
Zelig coalition2 Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies, Modified Version 314 8 CSV DOC
Zelig eidat Simulation Data for Ecological Inference 10 4 CSV DOC
Zelig free1 Freedom of Speech Data 450 11 CSV DOC
Zelig free2 Freedom of Speech Data 450 11 CSV DOC
Zelig friendship Simulated Example of Schoolchildren Friendship Network 0 7 CSV DOC
Zelig grunfeld Simulation Data for model Seemingly Unrelated Regression (sur) that corresponds to method SUR of systemfit 20 7 CSV DOC
Zelig hoff Social Security Expenditure Data 36 5 CSV DOC
Zelig homerun Sample Data on Home Runs Hit By Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in 1998. 314 5 CSV DOC
Zelig immi1 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC
Zelig immi2 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC
Zelig immi3 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC
Zelig immi4 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC
Zelig immi5 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC
Zelig immigration Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC
Zelig klein Simulation Data for model Two-Stage Least Square (twosls) that corresponds to method 2SLS of systemfit 21 14 CSV DOC
Zelig kmenta Simulation Data for model Three-Stage Least Square (threesls) that corresponds to method 3SLS of systemfit 20 5 CSV DOC
Zelig macro Macroeconomic Data 350 6 CSV DOC
Zelig MatchIt.url Table of links for Zelig 2 2 CSV DOC
Zelig mexico Voting Data from the 1988 Mexican Presidental Election 1359 33 CSV DOC
Zelig mid Militarized Interstate Disputes 3126 7 CSV DOC
Zelig newpainters The Discretized Painter's Data of de Piles 54 4 CSV DOC
Zelig PErisk Political Economic Risk Data from 62 Countries in 1987 62 6 CSV DOC
Zelig sanction Multilateral Economic Sanctions 78 8 CSV DOC
Zelig seatshare Left Party Seat Share in 11 OECD Countries 384 4 CSV DOC
Zelig sna.ex Simulated Example of Social Network Data 0 5 CSV DOC
Zelig SupremeCourt U.S. Supreme Court Vote Matrix 43 9 CSV DOC
Zelig swiss Swiss Fertility and Socioeconomic Indicators (1888) Data 47 6 CSV DOC
Zelig tobin Tobin's Tobit Data 20 3 CSV DOC
Zelig turnout Turnout Data Set from the National Election Survey 2000 5 CSV DOC
Zelig voteincome Sample Turnout and Demographic Data from the 2000 Current Population Survey 1500 7 CSV DOC
Zelig Weimar 1932 Weimar election data 10 11 CSV DOC
Zelig Zelig.url Table of links for Zelig 49 2 CSV DOC