AlfalfaR Documentation



Growth of alfalfa sprouts in acidic conditions


A dataset with 15 observations on the following 3 variables.

Ht4 Height of alfalfa sprouts after four days
Acid Amount of acid: 1.5HCl, 3.0HCl, or water
Row a= closest to window through e=farthest from window


Some students were interested in how an acidic environment might affect the growth of plants. They planted alfalfa seeds in 15 cups and randomly chose five to get plain water, five to get a moderate amount of acid (1.5M HCl), and five to get a stronger acid solution (3.0M HCl). The plants were grown in an indoor room so the students assumed that the distance from the main source of daylight (a window) might have an affect on growth rates. For this reason, they arranged the cups in five rows of three with one cup from each Acid level in each row. These are labeled in the data set as Row: a= farthest from the window through e=nearest to the window.


Neumann, A., Richards, A.-L., and Randa, J. (2001). Effects of acid rain on alfalfa plants. Unpublished manuscript, Oberlin College.