MLB2007StandingsR Documentation

Standings and Team Statistics from the 2007 Baseball Season


Data for Major League Baseball teams from the 2007 regular season


A dataset with 30 observations on the following 21 variables.

Team Name of the team
League League: AL or NL
Wins Number of wins for the season (out of 162 games)
Losses Number of losses for the season
WinPct Proportion of games won (Wins/162)
BattingAvg Team batting average
Runs Number of runs runs scored
Hits Number of hits
HR Number of home runs hit
Doubles Number of doubles hit
Triples Number of triple hit
RBI Number of runs batted in
SB Number of stolen bases
OBP On base percentage
SLG Slugging percentage
ERA Earned run average (earned runs allowed per 9 innings)
HitsAllowed Number of hits against the team
Walks Number of walks allowed
StrikeOuts Number of strikeouts (by the team's pitchers)
Saves Number of games saved (by the team's pitchers)
WHIP Number of walks and hits per inning pitched


Data for all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams for the 2007 regular season. This includes team batting statistics (BattingAvg through SLG) and team pitching statistics (ERA through WHIP)

Updated to MLBStandings2016 in second edition.


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