CreditRiskR Documentation

Overdrawn Checking Account?


Variables that might be related to whether students overdraw a checking account.


A data frame with 450 observations on the following 4 variables.

Age Age of the student (in years)
Sex 0=male or 1=female
DaysDrink Number of days drinking alcohol (in past 30 days)
Overdrawn Has student overdrawn a checking account? 0=no or 1=yes


Researchers conducted a survey of 450 undergraduates in large introductory courses at either Mississippi State University or the University of Mississippi. There were close to 150 questions on the survey, but only four of these variables are included in this dataset. (You can consult the paper to learn how the variables beyond these 4 affect the analysis.) The primary interest for the researchers was factors relating to whether or not a student has ever overdrawn a checking account.


Worthy S.L., Jonkman J.N., Blinn-Pike L. (2010), "Sensation-Seeking, Risk-Taking, and Problematic Financial Behaviors of College Students," Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 31: 161-170