AutoPollutionR Documentation

Noise Levels of Filters to Reduce Automobile Pollution


Measurements of noise levels for different filters to reduce pollution levels of automobiles.


A dataset with 36 observations on the following 4 variables.

Noise Noise level (decibels)
Size Vehicle size: 1=small, 2=medium, or 3=large
Type 1=standard filter or 2=new filter
Side Side of vehicle: code1=right or 2=left


In a 1973 testimony before the Air and Water Pollution Subcommittee of the Senate Public Works Committee, John McKinley, President of Texaco discussed a new filter that had been developed to reduce pollution. Questions were raised about the effects of this filter on other measures of vehicle performance. The data set AutoPollution gives the results of an experiment on 36 different cars. The cars were randomly assigned to get either this new filter or a standard filter and the noise level for each car was measured.


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