BackpackR Documentation



Backpack weights for a sample of college students


A dataset with 100 observations on the following 9 variables.

BackpackWeight Backpack weight (in pounds)
BodyWeight Body weight (in pounds)
Ratio BackpackWeight/BodyWeight
BackProblems 0=no or 1=yes
Major Code for academic major
Year Year in school
Sex a factor with levels Female Male
Status Graduate or undergraduate? G or U
Units Number of credits taken that quarter


A survey of students at California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo) collected data to investigate the question of whether back aches might be due to carrying heavy backpacks,


Mintz J., Mintz J., Moore K., and Schuh K., "Oh, My Aching Back! A Statistical Analysis of Backpack Weights," Stats: The Magazine for Students of Statistics, vol. 32, 2002, pp. 1719.