TipJokeR Documentation

Improve Chances of Getting a Tip?


Effect of a waiter leaving a joke or an advertisement on getting a tip


A dataset with 211 observations on the following 5 variables.

Card Type of card used: Ad, Joke, or None
Tip 1=customer left a tip or 0=no tip
Ad Indicator for Ad card (1=ad card left or 0=no ad card)
Joke Indicator for Joke card (1=joke card left or 0=no joke card)
None Indicator for no card (1=no card left or 0=ad or joke card left)


Can telling a joke affect whether or not a waiter in a coffee bar receives a tip from a customer? A study investigated this question at a coffee bar at a famous resort on the west coast of France. The waiter randomly assigned coffee-ordering customers to one of three groups: When receiving the bill one group also received a card telling a joke, another group received a card containing an advertisement for a local restaurant, and a third group received no card at all. He recorded whether or not each customer left a tip.


Gueguen, Nicholas (2002), "The Effects of a Joke on Tipping When it is Delivered at the Same Time as the Bill," Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 32, 1955-1963.