GunnelsR Documentation

Are Gunnels Present at Shoreline?


Presence/absence of gunnels (eels) at shoreline quadrats


A data frame with 1592 observations on the following 10 variables.

Gunnel 1= gunnel present in the quadrat or 0=gunnel absent
Time Minutes after midnight
Fromlow Time in minutes from low tide
Slope Slope (to nearest 10 degrees) perpendicular to waterline
Rw Percentage cover in quadrat of rockweed/algae/plants
Amphiso Density of crustacean food: 0=none to 4=high
Subst Substratum: 1=solid rock, 2=rocky cobbles, 3=mixed pebbles/sand, 4=fine sand,
5=mud, 6=mixed mud/shell detritus, 7=cobbles on solid rock, 8=cobbles on mixed pebbles/sand,
9=cobbles on fine sand, 10=cobbles on mud, 11=cobbles on mixed mud/shell detritus,
12=cobbles on shell detritus, 13=shell detritus
Pool Standing water deep? 1=yes or 2=no
Water Standing water in the quadrat? 1=yes or 2=no
Cobble Rocky cobbles? 1=yes or 2=no


This dataset comes from a study on the habitat preferences of a species of eel, called a gunnel. Biologist Jake Shorty sampled quadrats along a coastline and recorded whether or not the species was found in the quadrat.


Thanks to Jake Shorty, Bowdoin biology student, for this dataset.