LeukemiaR Documentation

Responses to Treatment for Leukemia


Treatment results for leukemia patients


A data frame with 51 observations on the following 9 variables.

Age Age at diagnosis (in years)
Smear Differential percentage of blasts
Infil Percentage of absolute marrow leukemia infiltrate
Index Percentage labeling index of the bone marrow leukemia cells
Blasts Absolute number of blasts, in thousands
Temp Highest temperature of the patient prior to treatment, in degrees Fahrenheit
Resp 1=responded to treatment or 0=failed to respond
Time Survival time from diagnosis (in months)
Status 0=dead or 1=alive


A study involved 51 untreated adult patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia who were given a course of treatment, after which they were assessed as to their response.


Data come from Statistical Analysis Using S-Plus (Brian S. Everitt; first edition 1994, Chapman & Hall).