GroceryR Documentation



Grocery store sales


A dataset with 36 observations on the following 5 variables.

Discount Amount of discount: 5.00%, 10.00% or 15.00%
Store Store number (1-12)
Display Featured End of Aisl, Featured Middle of A, or Not Featured
Sales Number sold during one week
Price Wholesale price (in dollars)


Grocery stores and product manufacturers are always interested in how well the products on the store shelves sell. An experiment was designed to test whether the amount of discount given on products affected the amount of sales of that product. There were three levels of discount, 5%, 10%, and 15%, and sales were held for a week. The total number of products sold during the week of the sale was recorded. The researchers also recorded the wholesale price of the item put on sale.


These data are not real, though they are simulated to approximate an actual study. The data come from John Grego, Director of the Stat Lab at University of South Carolina.