PulseR Documentation

Pulse Rates and Exercise


Pulse rates before and after exercise for a sample of statistics students


A dataset with 232 observations on the following 7 variables.

Active Pulse rate (beats per minute) after exercise
Rest Resting pulse rate (beats per minute)
Smoke 1=smoker or 0=nonsmoker
Sex 1=female or 0=male
Exercise Typical hours of exercise (per week)
Hgt Height (in inches)
Wgt Weight (in pounds)


Students in a Stat2 class recorded resting pulse rates (in class), did three "laps" walking up/down a nearby set of stairs, and then measured their pulse rate after the exercise. They provided additional information about height, weight, exercise, and smoking habits via a survey.


Data compiled over several semesters from students taking a Stat2 course.