MedGPAR Documentation

GPA and Medical School Admission


Medical school admission status and information on GPA and standardized test scores


A dataset with 55 observations on the following 11 variables.

Accept Status: A=accepted to medical school or D=denied admission
Acceptance Indicator for Accept: 1=accepted or 0=denied
Sex F=female or M=male
BCPM Bio/Chem/Physics/Math grade point average
GPA College grade point average
VR Verbal reasoning (subscore)
PS Physical sciences (subscore)
WS Writing sample (subcore)
BS Biological sciences (subscore)
MCAT Score on the MCAT exam (sum of CR+PS+WS+BS)
Apps Number of medical schools applied to


This dataset has information gathered on 55 medical school applicants from a liberal arts college in the Midwest.


Data collected at a midwestern liberal arts college.