FertilityR Documentation

Fertility Data for Women Having Trouble Getting Pregnant


Fertility measurements for a sample of women who have difficulty getting pregnant


A data frame with 333 observations on the following 10 variables.

Age Age (in years)
LowAFC Smallest antral follicle count
MeanAFC Average antral follicle count
FSH Maximum follicle stimulating hormone level
E2 Fertility level
MaxE2 Maximum fertility level
MaxDailyGn Maximum daily gonadotropin level
TotalGn Total gonadotropin level
Oocytes Number of egg cells
Embryos Number of embryos


A medical doctor and her team of researchers collected a variety of data on women who were having trouble getting pregnant. A key method for assessing fertility is a count of antral follicles (LowAFC or MeanAFC) that can be performed with noninvasive ultrasound. Researchers are interested in how the other variables are related to these counts.


We thank Dr. Priya Maseelall and her research team for sharing these data.