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Film Data from Leonard Maltin's Guide


Film data from Maltin's Movie and Video Guide


A data frame with 100 observations on the following 9 variables.

Title Movie title
Year Year the movie was released
Time Running time (in minutes)
Cast Number of cast members listed in the guide
Rating Maltin rating (range is 1 to 4, in steps of 0.5)
Description Number of lines of text Maltin uses to describe the movie
Origin Country: 0 = USA, 1 = Great Britain, 2 = France, 3 = Italy, 4 = Canada
Time_code long=90 minutes or longer short=under 90 minutes
Good 1=rating of 3 stars or better 0=any lower rating


One statistician movie fan decided to use statistics to study the movie ratings in his favorite movie guide, Movie and Video Guide (1996), by Leonard Maltin. Maltin rates movies on a one-star to four-star system, in increments of half-stars, with higher numbers being better. The guide also includes additional information on each film. The statistician used a random number generator to select a simple random sample of 100 movies rated by the Guide.


Data from Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide (1996)