MetroHealth83R Documentation

Health Services in Metropolitan Areas


Health services data for 83 metropolitan areas


A dataset with 83 observations on the following 16 variables.

City Name of the metropolitan area
NumMDs Number of physicians
RateMDs Number of physicians per 100,000 people
NumHospitals Number of community hospitals
NumBeds Number of hospital beds
RateBeds Number of hospital beds per 100,000 people
NumMedicare Number of Medicare recipients in 2003
PctChangeMedicare Percent change in Medicare recipients (2000 to 2003)
MedicareRate Number of Medicare recipients per 100,000 people
SSBNum Number of Social Security recipients in 2004
SSBRate Number of Social Security recipients per 100,000 people
SSBChange Percent change in Social Security recipients (2000 to 2004)
NumRetired Number of retired workers
SSINum Number of Supplemental Security Income recipients in 2004
SSIRate Number of Supplemental Security Income recipients per 100,000 people
SqrtMDs Square root of number of physicians


The U.S. Census Bureau regularly collects information for many metropolitan areas in the United States, including data on number of physicians and number (and size) of hospitals. This dataset has such information for 83 different metropolitan areas.

This dataset is in the first edition, but replaced by CountyHealth in the second edition.


U.S. Census Bureau: 2006 State and Metropolitan Area Data Book (Table B-6)