Day1SurveyR Documentation



Data from a first day class survey


A dataset with 43 observations on the following 13 variables.

Section Section: 1 or 2
Class Year in school: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
Sex F=female or M=male
Distance Distance (in miles) to get to campus
Height Height (in inches)
Handedness Left, Right, or Ambidextrous
Coins Value of coins student has (in class)
WhiteString Estimated length of a white string (in inches)
BlackString Estimated length of a black string (in inches)
Reading Expected amount of reading during the semester (pages/week)
TV Hours of TV watched per week
Pulse Resting pulse rate (beats per minute)
Texting Number of text messages in past 24 hours


An instructor at a small liberal arts college distributed the a data survey on the first day of class. The data for two different sections of the course are given in this dataset.


Student survey in an introductory statistics class.