SampleFGR Documentation

Field Goal Attempts in the NFL


A sample of 30 field goal attempts in the National Football League


A dataset with 30 observations on the following 13 variables.

ID ID number
PlayerID Code for player
LastName Last name
FirstName First name
Year Year
Team Abbreviation for team name
Date Code for date: mmddyy
FGAttempts Field goals attempted by the kicker that game
FGMade Field goals made by the kicker that game
Attempt Which attempt during the game?
Result 1=made the field goal or 0=missed
Yards Number of yards for the field goal attempt
Block 1=attempt blocked or 0=not blocked


This is a subset of just 30 field goal attempts selected at random from the larger sample of attempts made by NFL kickers that is summarized in FGByDistance.


We thank Sean Forman and Doug Drinen of Sports Reference LLC for providing us with the NFL field goal data set.