rain, wavesurge and portpirieR Documentation

Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets.


Rainfall, wave-surge, Port Pirie and River Nidd data sets.


The format of the rain data is: num [1:17531] 0 2.3 1.3 6.9 4.6 0 1 1.5 1.8 1.8 ...

The wave-surge data is bivariate and is used for testing functions in texmex.

The Port Pirie data has two columns: 'Year' and 'SeaLevel'.

The River Nidd data represents 154 measurements of the level of the River Nidd at Hunsingore Weir (Yorkshire, UK) between 1934 and 1969. Each measurement breaches the threshold of $65 m^3/2$. Various authors have analysed this dataset, as described by Papastathopoulos and Tawn~egp, there being some apparent difficulty in identifying a threshold above which GPD models are suitable.


The rain, wave-surge and Port Pirie datasets are used by Coles and appear in the ismev package. The River Nidd data appear in the evir package.


Copied from the ismev package and the evir package


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