BirdNestR Documentation



Data on bird nests


A dataset with 84 observations on the following 12 variables.

Species Latin species name
Common Common species name
Page Page in a bird manual describing the species
Length Mean body length for the species (in cm)
Nesttype Type of nest
Location Location of nest
No.eggs Number of eggs
Color a numeric vector
Incubate Mean length of time (in days) the species incubates eggs in the nest
Nestling Mean length of time (in days) the species cares for babies in the nest until fledged
Totcare Total care time = Incubate+Nestling
Closed 1=closed nest (pendant, spherical, cavity, crevice, burrow), 0=open nest (saucer, cup)


Amy R. Moore, as a student at Grinnell College in 1999, wanted to study the relationship between species characteristics and the type of nest a bird builds, using data collected from available sources. For the study, she collected data by species for 83 separate species of North American passerines.


Project by Amy Moore at Grinnell College


The Birders Handbook, by Ehrlich, et al. (1988)