MathPlacementR Documentation

Math Placement Exam Results


Results from a Math Placement exam at a liberal arts college


A dataset with 2696 observations on the following 16 variables.

Student Identification number for each student
Gender 0=Female, 1=Male
PSATM PSAT score in Math
SATM SAT score in Math
ACTM ACT Score in Math
Rank Adjusted rank in HS class
Size Number of students in HS class
GPAadj Adjusted GPA
PlcmtScore Score on math placement exam
Recommends Recommended course: R0 R01 R1 R12 R2 R3 R4 R6 R8
Course Actual course taken
Grade Course grade
RecTaken 1=recommended course, 0=otherwise
TooHigh 1=took course above recommended, 0=otherwise
TooLow 1=took course below recommended, 0=otherwise
CourseSuccess 1=B or better grade, 0=grade below B


Scores and course results for students taking a math placement exam at a college.


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