FinalFourShortR Documentation

CAA Final Four by Seed (Short Version through 2010)


NCAA Final Four participation summarized each year by seed


A data frame with 512 observations on the following 4 variables.

Year Year (1979 - 2010)
Seed Seed in NCAA men's basketball tournament: 1 to 16
In Number of teams at that seed who made the Final Four that year
Out Number of teams at that seed who did not made the Final Four that year


Each year 64 college teams are selected for the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball tournament, with 16 teams placed in each of four regions. Within each region the teams are seeded from 1 to 16, with the (presumed) best team as the 1 seed and the (presumed) weakest team as the 16 seed; this practice of seeding teams began in 1979 for the NCAA tournament. Only one team from each region (so four teams each year) advances to the Final Four. This dataset is similar to FinalFourLong, except that each row combines the count of the results (make/don't make the Final Four) for each seed, so that In+Out= 4 for each row.

Updated to FinalFourShort17 in second edition.


Final Four teams and their seed can be found at