NCbirthsR Documentation

North Carolina Birth Records


Data from births in North Carolina in 2001


A dataset with 1450 observations on the following 15 variables.

ID Patient ID code
Plural 1=single birth, 2=twins, 3=triplets
Sex Sex of the baby 1=male 2=female
MomAge Mother's age (in years)
Weeks Completed weeks of gestation
Marital Marital status: 1=married or 2=not married
RaceMom Mother's race: 1=white, 2=black, 3=American Indian, 4=Chinese
5=Japanese, 6=Hawaiian, 7=Filipino, or 8=Other Asian or Pacific Islander
HispMom Hispanic origin of mother: C=Cuban, M=Mexican, N=not Hispanic
O=Other Hispanic, P=Puerto Rico, S=Central/South America
Gained Weight gained during pregnancy (in pounds)
Smoke Smoker mom? 1=yes or 0=no
BirthWeightOz Birth weight in ounces
BirthWeightGm Birth weight in grams
Low Indicator for low birth weight, 1=2500 grams or less
Premie Indicator for premature birth, 1=36 weeks or sooner
MomRace Mother's race: black, hispanic, other, or white


This dataset contains data on a sample of 1450 birth records that statistician John Holcomb selected from the North Carolina State Center for Health and Environmental Statistics.


Thanks to John Holcomb at Cleveland State University for sharing these data.