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Water Voles Data


Percentage incidence of the 13 characteristics of water voles in 14 areas.




A dissimilarity matrix for the following 14 variables, i.e, areas: Surrey, Shropshire, Yorkshire, Perthshire, Aberdeen, Elean Gamhna, Alps, Yugoslavia, Germany, Norway, Pyrenees I, Pyrenees II, North Spain, and South Spain.


Corbet et al. (1970) report a study of water voles (genus Arvicola) in which the aim was to compare British populations of these animals with those in Europe, to investigate whether more than one species might be present in Britain. The original data consisted of observations of the presence or absence of 13 characteristics in about 300 water vole skulls arising from six British populations and eight populations from the rest of Europe. The data are the percentage incidence of the 13 characteristics in each of the 14 samples of water vole skulls.


G. B. Corbet, J. Cummins, S. R. Hedges, W. J. Krzanowski (1970), The taxonomic structure of British water voles, genus Arvicola. Journal of Zoology, 61, 301–316.


  data("watervoles", package = "HSAUR")