PigFeedR Documentation

Additives in Pig Feed


Effects of additives to pig feed on weight gain


A dataset with 12 observations on the following 3 variables.

WgtGain Daily weight gain (hundredths of a pound over 1.00)
Antibiotic Antibiotic in the feed? No or Yes
B12 Vitamin B12 in the feed? No or Yes


A scientist in Iowa was interested in additives to standard pig chow that might increase the rate at which the pigs gained weight. Two factors of interest were vitamin B12 and antibiotics. To perform the experiment, the scientist randomly assigned 12 pigs, three to each of the diet combinations (Antibiotic only, B12 only, both, and neither).


Data are found in Statistical Methods by George W. Snedecor and William G. Cochran (1967). Ames, IA: The Iowa State University Press.


Original source is Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station (1952). Animal Husbandry Swine Nutrition Experiment No. 577.