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Religion and GDP for Countries


Data on religiosity of countries from the Pew Global Attitudes Project


A dataset with 44 observations on the following 9 variables.

Country Name of country
Religiosity A measure of degree of religiosity for residents of the country
GDP Per capita Gross Domestic Product in the country
Africa Indicator for countries in Africa
EastEurope Indicator for countries in Eastern Europe
MiddleEast Indicator for countries in the Middle East
Asia Indicator for countries in Asia
WestEurope Indicator for countries in Western Europe
Americas Indicator for countries in North/South America


The Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Project surveyed people around the world and asked (among many other questions) whether they agreed that "belief in God is necessary for morality," whether religion is very important in their lives, and whether they pray at least once per day. The variable Religiosity is the sum of the percentage of positive responses on these three items, measured in each of 44 countries. The dataset also includes the per capita GDP for each country and indicator variables that record the part of the world the country is in.


Data from the 2007 Spring Survey conducted through the Pew Global Attitudes Project at