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Patients at an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)


A dataset with 200 observations on the following 9 variables.

ID Patient ID code
Survive 1=patient survived to discharge or 0=patient died
Age Age (in years)
AgeGroup 1= young (under 50), 2= middle (50-69), 3 = old (70+)
Sex 1=female or 0=male
Infection 1=infection suspected or 0=no infection
SysBP Systolic blood pressure (in mm of Hg)
Pulse Hear rate4 (beats per minute)
Emergency 1=emergency admission or 0=elective admission


This dataset contains information for a sample of 200 patients who were part of a larger study conducted in a hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Since an ICU often deals with serious, life-threatening cases, a key variable to study is patient survival, which is coded in the Survive variable as 1 if the patient lived to be discharged and 0 if the patient died.


Data downladed from The Data and Story Library (DASL),