HighPeaksR Documentation

Characteristics of Adirondack Hiking Trails


Data on hiking trails for each of the 46 "High Peaks" in the Adirondack mountains


A data frame with 46 observations on the following 6 variables.

Peak Name of the mountain
Elevation Elevation at the highest point (in feet)
Difficulty Rating of difficulty of the hike: 1 (easy) to 7 (most difficult)
Ascent Vertical ascent (in feet)
Length Length of hike (in miles)
Time Expected trip time (in hours)


Forty-six mountains in the Adirondacks of upstate New York are known as the High Peaks with elevations near or above 4000 feet (although modern measurements show a couple of the peaks are actually slightly under 4000 feet). A goal for hikers in the region is to become a "46er" by scaling each of these peaks. This dataset gives information about the hiking trails up each of these peaks.


High Peaks data avaialble at http://www.adirondack.net/tour/hike/highpeaks.cfm. Thanks to Jessica Chapman at St. Lawrence University for recommending this dataset.