• width argument now accepts a vector of numeric values to control the width of each column, as a proportion of the total linewidth.


  • New quarto argument enables Quarto data processing for the whole table and marks specific cells as containing Quarto content. This is especially useful to include @Citation1981 in a table. Thanks to @andrewheiss for issue #215 and @giabaio for further discussion and debugging.
  • New replace argument which accepts a single logical, a single string, or a named list to specify multiple replacements.
  • replace=TRUE by default replaces NA by an empty string. FALSE prints “NA” as string.
  • replace_na is deprecated in favor of replace. Backward compatibility is maintained and a warning is issued.
  • All arguments can now be set using global options.



  • No longer keep many versions of the same data frame, which could increase memory use. Thanks to @MarcoPortmann for the report.


  • Do not change working directory when saving to file raises an error. Thanks to @etiennebacher for report #225.


  • Better compatibility with Quarto captions. Recommended strategy is to not use the caption argument, and rather to define both the label and tbl-cap chunk options in Quarto. This is a breaking change, as Typst tables are no longer enclosed in a #figure environment in Quarto documents when both tbl-cap and label chunk options are defined.


  • Global option to enable Quarto data processing: options(tinytable_quarto_disable_processing = FALSE). Thanks to @andrewheiss for issue #215.

Bug fixes:

  • Data frames without column headers could be displayed as “c(1,2,3,3)”. Bug in format_tt(). Issue #230.
  • save_tt() can now save to PDF when the table includes a caption. Thanks to @etiennebacher for report #224.
  • group_tt(i) inserted an extra latex column, which made horizontal lines stop to early. Thanks to @andrewheiss for report #235.


  • RStudio displays table in HTML viewer by default when the rstudioapi package is available.
  • colnames and colnames<- are now exported functions.
  • tt() supports data.frame-like objects which also inherit from other classes, ex: marginaleffects::slopes()
  • Bug: options(tinytable_tt_print) is respected in print() without argument.


New features:

  • rbind() and rbind2() can be used to stack tinytable objects. rbind2() is more flexible than rbind(). See ?tinytable::rbind2
  • New output format in print(): “dataframe”
  • Rename table headers: colnames(tab) <- c("a", "b", "c")
  • theme_tt("resize") gets a direction argument with “up”, “down”, “both” options. Thanks to @MarcoPortmann for feature request #207


  • Informative error message when no default browser is selected via global options.
  • Fix CRAN errors on Mac old releases.


  • theme_tt() resize issue with talltblr environment and notes in LaTeX. Thanks to @MarcoPortmann for reporting issue #206


New function theme_tt():

  • Function to apply collections of transformations to a tinytable.
  • Visual themes:
    • grid, void, striped, bootstrap, default
  • resize: Insert a LaTeX table in a resizebox environment to ensure a table fits the page, or to scale it to a fraction of \linewidth
  • placement: Determine where a LaTeX table float is positioned. Ex: [H], [htbp]
  • multipage: Split long LaTeX tables across multiple pages with (optional) repeated headers/footers. Uses the longtblr environment from tabularray.


  • New i argument to format subsets of rows.
  • New fn argument which accepts an arbitrary function to format table content.
  • num_fmt="significant_cell" rounds significant digits on a cell-by-cell basis rather than for full columns (as is default in base R format()).
  • Numeric formatting options can be set via global options, defined in the function signature.
  • num_mark_big and num_mark_dec require an explicit digits. We now raise an informative error.
  • escape = TRUE now escapes captions, notes, and spanning cells created by group_tt() when i and j are both NULL. To avoid escaping group labels, users can specify i and/or j explicitly.

Typst format:

  • Support for row headers with group_tt(i)
  • Supports images and inline plots with plot_tt(). Thanks to @aghaynes for contribution #155.
  • “kind: tinytable” parameter is now added to all figures enclosing a tinytable. This allows users to apply targeted show rules. For example, in a table of contents: outline(target: figure.where(kind: "tinytable"))


  • style_tt() gains a finalize argument. This accepts functions to be applied to the table object at the very end of the building process, to programmatically change its content. For example, this can be used with regular expressions to modify the text version of the table hosted in tab@table_string, or the function could programmatically modify the caption in tab@caption.
  • style_tt(): LaTeX format supports decimal alignement with align="d". The width of columns is determined by the maximum number of digits to the left and to the right in all cells specified by i, j.
  • Support RevealJS slides in Quarto documents.
  • Improved support for tibble. ANSI characters (ex: fancy pillar formatting) are stripped automatically or converted to HTML when the fansi package is installed. fansi is a dependency of tibble, so it should often be installed.
  • New tinytable_tt_digits global option can set the default number of digits in the tt() function.
  • Refactor: tinytable objects are now S4 class objects, with slots to hold data about the content and structure.
  • as.character() now works on tinytable objects, returning a string in the output format specified by the @output slot of the tinytable object (markdown by default).
  • LaTeX code in captions no longer requires double escaping, allowing: tt(x, caption = "Blah blah \\label{tab:blah})

Breaking changes:

  • In some cases, format_tt() could be use sequentially to apply two formats to the same cell. Now, multiple calls to format_tt() can still be make chained with pipes, but they must apply to different cells with i, j, otherwise only the last change is respected. One exception is the escape argument which can be applied to pre-formatted cells.
  • tinytable objects no longer have a meta_tinytable attribute. Use S4 slots instead.
  • placement argument in tt() is removed in favor of theme_tt("placement").


  • format_tt() did not work on factor vector.


  • format_tt() escapes <> tags in Typst.
  • Bug introduced in 0.0.4 prevented group_tt(i) in HTML.



  • j argument in style_tt() and format_tt() now accepts a string vector to match columns. Issue #122
  • Line plots: plot_tt(fun = "line")
  • format_tt(j=NULL, escape=TRUE) now escapes column headers in addition to all cells.
  • format_tt() gains a replace_na argument to replace missing values.
  • style_tt(): rowspan and colspan arguments are now supported in all formats except Typst. In markdown and Word, we get “pseudo-spans” with empty cells around the main cell, instead of true merged cells.
  • style_tt(): alignv argument is now supported for LaTeX and HTML


  • Markdown group columns when labels are wider than columns. Thanks to @etiennebacher for report #127.
  • Markdown group rows broke indexing when using style_tt(). Thanks to @strengejacke for report #133.



  • Typst tables are now supported using the tablex extension:
  • escape argument in format_tt() escapes or substitutes special characters in LaTeX or HTML output to prevent compilation and rendering errors.
  • notes argument in tt() can insert superscript markers inside cells to refer to notes at the bottom of the page.
    • tt(x, notes = list("*" = list(i = 0:1, j = 2, text = "Hello world)))
  • notes agument in tt() now works wth Markdown and Word, but must be a single string.
  • group_tt() can be called multiple times to create mult-row headers.



  • Rules and cell borders: line, line_width, and line_color arguments.
  • Enhanced knitr output detection.
  • New themes.
  • Caption argument support for Markdown tables.
  • Defensive programming enhancements.
  • plot_tt() regular expression column selection.
  • Header/footer are no longer indented by group_tt(i).

Bug fixes:

  • Inline plots visibility in RStudio viewer pane.
  • Bug in group_tt(i) for markdown and docx output.
  • Resolved style_tt resetting issue.
  • Bug fix for column alignment in markdown affecting docx output.


  • Improved vignette on the package website.
  • Various documentation updates.
  • Math in $$ is the new recommendation.


Initial package release. Yay!