modelsummary 0.9.3 Unreleased


  • F statistic takes into account vcov argument
  • Support group = group ~ model + term


  • Weighted means and standard deviations are now supported. Counts and percentages are not, but raise a warning.

modelsummary 0.9.2 2021-09-29



  • add_rows and add_columns arguments are now available here.


  • Global options for output factories are renamed: modelsummary_factory_default, modelsummary_factory_html, etc.
  • Hot fix for change in R-devel behavior or intersect

Bug fixes:

  • datasummary_balance: escape variable names when escape=TRUE
  • Blogdown LaTeX dependency bug when output is HTML

modelsummary 0.9.1 2021-08-12

Breaking change:

  • Support for dcolumn for dot-aligned columns is deprecated. Use “d” in the align argument instead.

Other changes:

  • LaTeX output: Numeric entries are wrapped in the \num{} function from the siunitx package by default. This produces much nicer formatting. This can be disabled with a global option. See ?modelsummary
  • The align argument accepts a “d” column for dot-alignment using the siunitx LaTeX package: align="ldd".
  • HTML tables display proper minus signs.
  • New escape argument in most table-building functions.
  • LaTeX output accepts the threeparttable=TRUE argument through ...
  • No more dependency on tidyr


  • group: The order of terms in the formula determines the order of rows/columns


  • Note: This function will eventually be deprecated
  • Bugfix with statistic=NULL.


  • Preserves order of models in the user-supplied list


  • statistic=NULL produces a very basic crosstab


  • Default alignment “lrrrrr” consistent with other datasummary_* functions

modelsummary 0.8.1 2021-06-17


  • Disable stars footnote with options("modelsummary_stars_note" = FALSE)
  • longtable=TRUE works for LaTeX output
  • Interactions with “:” are no longer converted to “x” when coef_map or coef_rename are used.
  • group = model ~ term + group is now supported.



  • Improved warnings for bad calls: modelsummary(model1, model2)
  • gt titles use the new caption argument in the gt 0.3.0 function
  • Bug fix: Overaggressive tests for glue strings prevented functions inside {}

modelsummary 0.8.0 2021-05-21

Breaking change:

  • The default significance markers stars=TRUE have been updated to be consistent with the default output from base R (e.g., in summary.lm). The new significance thresholds are: “+” p < 0.1, “" p < 0.05, "" p < 0.01, "” p < 0.001


  • New function to produce cross-tabulations


  • N is smart enough to return either the number of elements in a subset or the number of non-missing observations in a variable


  • Keeps NAs in factor variables by default. Users can convert their variables with the factor() function to omit NAs automatically.


  • themes can be set using global options (experimental)
  • new vcov options: “bootstrap”, “HAC”, “NeweyWest”, “Andrews”, “panel-corrected”, “weave”, “outer-product”
  • A valid get_gof (glance) is now optional.
  • … is pushed through to sandwich, which allows things like: modelsummary(model, vcov = "bootstrap", R = 1000, cluster = "firm")


  • Jupyter notebook support via output="jupyter"
  • Bug fixes

modelsummary 0.7.0 2021-04-19


  • new arguments for modelsummary: group and group_map for grouped parameters (e.g., outcome levels in multinomial logit or components of gamlss model).
  • dvnames() makes it easy to get dependent variable column titles (thanks to @NickCH-K)
  • output="modelsummary_list" to save a lightweight list-based representation of the table which can be saved and fed to modelsummary once more to get a full table.
  • vcov adds a row to note the type of standard errors.
  • modelsummary accepts a single model with multiple vcovs.
  • get_gof forwards … to model_performance
  • coef_map accepts unnamed vectors for easy subsetting
  • fixest::fixest_multi support
  • options(modelsummary_get) to set the order of extraction functions to use under the hood (broom vs. easystats vs. all)
  • metrics argument of performance::model_performance is available via modelsummary’s … ellipsis to limit the GOF statistics in Bayesian models.
  • users can omit the stars legend note by using glue strings: estimate="{estimate}{stars}"
  • output=“html” can use gt by setting options(modelsummary_factory_html="gt")


  • passes ... forward
  • new function: datasummary_correlation_format
  • datasummary_correlation’s method argument accepts functions and “pearspear” (thanks to @joachim-gassen)


  • datasummary functions and rounding accept …, big.mark, etc.


  • now works with haven_labeled numeric
  • faster tables with bayesian models.

Bug fixes and lints

modelsummary 0.6.6 2021-02-16

  • new output format: latex_tabular
  • tidy_custom allows partial term matches
  • modelsummary(coef_rename) accepts functions
  • new function coef_rename for use in modelsummary(coef_rename=coef_rename)
  • modelplot accepts add_rows to add reference categories
  • informative error message when estimate or statistic is not available
  • bug fixes

modelsummary 0.6.5 2021-01-07

  • statistic_override becomes vcov
  • vcov accepts shortcuts: “robust”, “stata”, “HC0”, etc.
  • vcov accepts formulas for clustered SEs: ~group
  • modelsummary_wide has a new “stacking” argument
  • html horizontal rule to separate estimates form gof
  • gof_map accepts list of lists. only needs 3 columns.
  • support officedown Rmd
  • estimate accepts a vector for per model estimates
  • options(modelsummary_default) can be markdown, html, latex
  • bug: passing arguments through …
  • bug: stars and rounding

modelsummary 0.6.4 2020-12-15

  • glue format for estimate and statistic
  • easystats support for model info extraction
  • deprecate statistic_vertical
  • deprecate extract_models. Use modelsummary(output=“dataframe”) instead.
  • modelplot pushes … through to modelsummary(output=“dataframe”)
  • datasummary_skim(type=“dataset”)
  • gof_map omits by default
  • datasummary_balance uses row percentages
  • statistic_override does not require a list
  • statistic_override accepts a single model
  • N function for well formatted N in datasummary
  • Bug fixes

modelsummary 0.6.3 2020-10-24

  • new function: modelsummary_wide
  • coef_omit and gof_omit use grepl(perl=TRUE)
  • fmt accepts integer, string or function and respects options(OutDec=“,”)
  • align argument for modelsummary
  • align is more liberal to accept dcolumn alignment
  • glance_custom methods for lfe and fixest
  • bug fixes

modelsummary 0.6.2 2020-09-29

  • new argument: coef_rename
  • new function: datasummary_df
  • preserve term order in modelsummary
  • refactor datasummary_balance
  • datasummary_skim uses svg histograms instead of unicode
  • removed 5 dependencies
  • pass … to kableExtra::kbl for more customization
  • test improvements
  • internal code style
  • bug fixes

modelsummary 0.6.1 2020-09-04

  • bug fixes

modelsummary 0.6.0 2020-09-02

  • default HTML output factory is now kableExtra
  • interaction “:” gsubbed by “\u00d7”
  • dependencies: removed 1 depends, 3 imports, and 3 suggests
  • word_document knitr works out-of-the-box
  • bug fixes

modelsummary 0.5.1 2020-08-02

  • glance_custom.fixest ships with modelsummary

modelsummary 0.5.0 2020-07-05

  • datasummary
  • datasummary_skim
  • datasummary_balance
  • datasummary_correlation
  • modelplot
  • allow duplicate model names
  • bug: can’t use coef_map with multiple statistics (thanks @sbw78)
  • bug: wrong number of stars w/ statistic=‘p.value’ (thanks @torfason)
  • output=‘data.frame’. extract is no longer documented.

modelsummary 0.4.1 2020-06-17

  • add_rows now accepts a data.frame with “position” and “section” columns
  • add_rows_location is deprecated
  • bug in sanity_output prevented overwriting files

modelsummary 0.4.0 2020-06-13

  • huxtable support
  • flextable support
  • estimate argument
  • fixest tidiers
  • website and vignette improvements
  • gof_map additions
  • glance_custom
  • tidy_custom

modelsummary 0.3.0 2020-05-26

  • Out-of-the-box Rmarkdown compilation to HTML, PDF, RTF
  • kableExtra output format for LaTeX and Markdown
  • Support for threeparttable, colors, and many other LaTeX options
  • Deprecated arguments: filename, subtitle
  • Deprecated functions: clean_latex, knit_latex
  • pkgdown website and doc improvements
  • mitools tidiers
  • New tests

modelsummary 0.2.1 2020-04-30

  • Convenience function to render markdown in row/column labels
  • bug: breakage when all GOF were omitted
  • Clean up manual with @keywords internal
  • bug: tidyr import

modelsummary 0.2.0 2020-04-05

  • gt is now available on CRAN
  • new latex_env argument for knit_latex and clean_latex
  • bug when all gof omitted
  • bug in statistic_override with functions
  • bug caused by upstream changes in tab_style
  • bug caused by upstream changes in filename=‘rtf’
  • Allow multiple rows of uncertainty estimates per coefficient
  • Preserve add_rows order
  • Display uncertainty estimates next to the coefficient with statistic_vertical = FALSE
  • Better clean_latex function
  • Can display R2 and confidence intervals for mice-imputed lm-models
  • Internal functions have @keywords internal to avoid inclusion in docs
  • Statistic override accepts pre-formatted character vectors

modelsummary 0.1.0 2019-07-15

  • Initial release (gt still needs to be installed from github)