apoeapocR Documentation

APOE/APOC1 markers and Alzheimer's


This data set contains APOE/APOC1 markers and Chinese Alzheimer's patients and controls. Variable id is subject id and y takes value 0 for controls and 2 for Alzheimer's.

The last six variables are age, sex and genotypes for APOE and APOC with suffixes for each of two alleles (".a1" and ".a2").




A data frame


Shi J, Zhang S, Ma C, Liu X, Li T, Tang M, Han H, Guo Y, Zhao JH, Zheng K, Kong X, Zhang K, Su Z, Zhao Z. Association between apolipoprotein CI HpaI polymorphism and sporadic Alzheimer's disease in Chinese. Acta Neurol Scan 2004, 109:140-145.