aldh2R Documentation

ALDH2 markers and Alcoholism


This data set contains eight ALDH2 markers and Japanese alcohlic patients (y=1) and controls (y=0). There are genotypes for 8 loci, with a prefix name (e.g., "EXON12") and a suffix for each of two alleles (".a1" and ".a2").

The eight markers loci follows the following map (base pairs)

D12S2070 (> 450 000),
D12S839 (> 450 000),
D12S821 (~ 400 000),
D12S1344 ( 83 853),
EXON12 ( 0),
EXON1 ( 37 335),
D12S2263 ( 38 927),
D12S1341 (> 450 000)




A data frame


Prof Ian Craig of Oxford and SGDP Centre, KCL


Koch HG, McClay J, Loh E-W, Higuchi S, Zhao J-H, Sham P, Ball D, et al (2000) Allele association studies with SSR and SNP markers at known physical distances within a 1 Mb region embracing the ALDH2 locus in the Japanese, demonstrates linkage disequilibrium extending up to 400 kb. Hum. Mol. Genet. 9:2993-2999