swissR Documentation

Swiss Fertility and Socioeconomic Indicators (1888) Data


Standardized fertility measure and socio-economic indicators for each of 47 French-speaking provinces of Switzerland at about 1888.




A data frame with 47 observations on 6 variables, each of which is in percent, i.e., in [0,100].

[,1] Fertility Ig, "common standardized fertility measure" [,2] Agriculture [,3] Examination nation [,4] Education [,5] Catholic [,6] Infant.Mortality live births who live less than 1 year.

All variables but 'Fert' give proportions of the population.


Project "16P5", pages 549-551 in

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indicating their source as "Data used by permission of Franice van de Walle. Office of Population Research, Princeton University, 1976. Unpublished data assembled under NICHD contract number No 1-HD-O-2077."


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